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The following was sent in by one of our readers...

"My husband and I went to Fort George on July 8th of this year (2014) and were there at roughly around 7:30pm. We were very excited to see such a place that played such large part in our history, with my husband being British, but to our disappointment the fort closed at 5pm.

We still decided to take a walk around the site and when we arrived at what would have been the front of the fort we heard a loud bang that echoed in the sky.  We put it off as nothing and kept walking but suddenly two minutes later we hear another loud bang, this time much closer! I said "This isn't right... What is that?  It sounds like gun fire."

Being very interested in the these subjects and being so in-tuned with paranormal things, I shook it off and made my way to the right of the fort.

As I turned the corner I could loud muffled men screaming as if giving orders and then another bang... this time without a doubt I told my husband there is something going on here. He said he had been hearing it all too but being sceptic, ignored it and said maybe the workers were doing a demonstration. After careful review of the entire area we ruled that out because every parking lot and field was empty.

Later that night we went on a ghost tour in nearby Niagara-on-the-Lake. When I told the guide what had happened at the fort, he said the vine yards have programmed recordings of gun fire to scare the birds off but that at this time of year... but its unlikely they are on. Still being sceptic about this matter of the off chance that it was a recording, my husband and I decided to return to Fort George the next day during normal operating hours. This was really the only way to understand this miraculous piece of land and the buildings inside.

When we got there the staff was doing a musket demonstration and to our surprise the bangs from the evening before sounded without a doubt the exact same. I approached the young gentleman with the musket and asked if they had been holding some sort of demonstration inside the fort between 7:40pm-ish and 8:15pm the evening before. He said he wasn't aware of anything planned after the fort closed at 5. This made me start to ponder if maybe the experience was more paranormal then we thought.

Then we asked another staff member who said with out hesitation that they were absolutely not holding any demonstrations the evening before and all staff were out of the fort. We believed this as the fort was chain and padlocked when we saw the door that evening. He also pointed out that he believed we had heard something as many others have had similar experiences outside the fort.

Later on our tour, we came to the tunnel at the Southern end of the fort, which was one thing I was most looking forward too, but when I started in the entry way I got this sudden feeling of dread and feeling of someone was behind me rushing me through this tunnel to the tower. I reached the top of the tower, letting some other tourists descend and leave, and after about 5 minutes of looking out the very top, I heard loud boots on the stairs... so loud it rattled up the wood around me. I looked at my husband to get his reaction but it seemed to go unnoticed with him. So I looked down the stairs waiting to see a person emerge, but no one came up... and when we descended back down the tower, the stairs and the tunnel were empty.

I can't state these experiences were without a doubt paranormal in nature, but to me it seems this place is very active with the sounds, orders, cries and emotions of the past. We look forward to going back next week for a ghost tour and see what happens at this location when the sun isn't around!"

Our thanks and appreciation go out to the witness for sharing this experience with us. Have you had a similar experience, can you add further information to this report? If so please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Your privacy will be protected and confidentiality is assured.