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It was opened as a relocated boys' grammar school in 1852, and its Victorian-era architecture is a testament to it’s historical value and aesthetic interest. William Tassie was the second headmaster of the school, beginning his tenure in 1853, and he continued to run the building until 1881. Tassie left in 1881 in protest when girls began to be admitted as students. Most of the teaching staff, student population, (and patrons’) left with him.

The school has received various additions and renovations over the years.

The forgotten rooms and discovery of historical artifacts have added to the mystique and legends surrounding the property. An abnormally large percentage of the student population served in World War I and II, of whom many did not return. When renovations were underway to change the cadet’s rifle range in the basement to class space, all kinds of artifacts and collectibles were found from the great wars. The halls are now filled with marble and brass tablets in honour of the fallen. Photos, rifles, and swords of past commanders are just some of the items that were discovered.

Many unexplained stories, and encounters experienced by students and staff, have circulated around G.C.I. for years. Although we are still compiling specific incidents and documenting such, we have started to hear of various incidents, such as:

  • One custodial staff member and various students have smelled pipe smoke in the corridors of the top floor of the building after school hours. This same story has been repeated as lore from previous staff; it is alleged this smell of smoke is from William Tassie, the first headmaster of the school.
  • One custodial staff member has heard the sound of boys talking/whispering in the corridor of the main floor of the building after school hours. It is alleged that these sounds come from past students among the fallen soldiers of the great Wars.
  • Custodial staff have had carts and supplies moved from their original locations while working. With no students or staff in the vicinity, these reports remain unexplained.

It appears any reported incidents, or stories all occur in the original constructed building.

We are currently looking for more information on the building, and any personal accounts from staff, students, or visitors of the premises who would wish to share their stories.

Reference: Site Visit - March 22 / 07

Our thanks to Eric, Teresa, and Lisa for compiling the above report.