The following occurred in the early 80's in a trailer park home. The experience is very similar to Old Hags Syndrome.

I wanted to share a multi situation that happened to me in 1983. It was in a trailer on Hungry Hollow Road just outside of Arkona Ontario Canada.

I had the same experience three times while living in this trailer.

I was sleeping and was awoken due to something softly brushing across my face. I reached to turn on the bed side lamp and nothing was there. The curtains or any other item was not in reach so really nothing around me that I could see was present there enough to do such a strange brushing of my face.

I tried to sleep and failed as I was and am the type of guy whom once awoken it takes me a lot to get back to sleep.

Anyhow I felt at peace and in a quiet setting too. And then I heard a multi voice chanting. It sounded fast and mixed, but I knew it was voices altogether at once kind of like a choir. It was down at the other end of the hallway coming towards my room at the end of the trailer.

I could hear it getting louder as it approached my bed, and close to my ear. I tried very hard to move and I tried very hard to open my eyes but I was just frozen stiff and could not move at all. Yet I was wide awake and could hear these multi voices.

I said the Lord's Prayer and all of a sudden it stopped and I was unfrozen

This happened to me 3 times the exact same way. And the thing about it was that I did not know at the time that the girl whom lived there before me had died by her own hand. But I did wonder why the rental ad said immediate occupancy, no last months required? Maybe this was why?

The witness goes on to add that other than these three weird events it was always a peaceful place to stay and he always felt safe there.

Our thanks to the witness for this report.

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