The following occurred in the late 1970's and had a profound effect on the beliefs of the witness.

A Haunted Bridge...Forest, Ontario, Canada

It was a clear bright summer night at about a little after 1:30 am and happened in Forest Ontario at the old CN train bridge which is just outside of town.

I and my girlfriend were there like others had been before as a kinda make out point where couples go to swing their feet and xxxooo like young people do. Anyhow we were cuddling up when we heard someone or something walking from further outside of town.

We could plainly hear the sound of feet walking along the gravel that covers the side of the tracks and as it was coming closer we saw nothing (?) as in a figure or anything at all (?)

It came toward us. We not only heard the foot steps "now" upon the bridge board walk, but we could feel the foot steps vibrating as we sat on the bridge.

We could feel the vibrations on our buttocks and as the foot steps passed us we saw "nothing" in the bright light of the moon.

We felt a cold breeze as it passed us and again we could feel the vibrations on our buttocks as the foot steps seemed to head off the bridge, and again we could hear the sound of foot steps on the other end of the bridge toward town on the gravel.

My girlfriend was so frozen she shook uncontrollably and was literally in and up in a ball in under my arm pit. I tried to calm her as I am not really scared of anything and especially at that time of my life as I never believed in ghosts etc.

Well soon the foot steps came back and this time off the gravel and onto the bridge, and as it came in front of us we felt like someone was there but even in the bright moon there was nothing and it stopped right there in front of us.

I picked my girlfriend up like a football and literally holding on to her as she sobbed I ran in town as fast I could! I have not been there since that night, and now I really believe. I will never forget that night!

After note: I researched and found out back in the 1940's a hunter tripped over a fence and was accidentally shot in the stomach and died there. I also found out a hobo died by a train as he slept on the tracks, and a suicide by hanging too happened all in and around the early forest days late 1800 or early 1900.

Our thanks to the witness for sharing this experience with us!

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