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Update -  August 2008

One of our readers writes in:

My wife and I went to the 'screaming tunnel' yesterday (again) because something wasn't right.
Everyone talks of the little girl that was caught on fire.......we walked around the immediate area in search of the old foundation but came up empty. Many people say the foundation is still there.

How far away was the old farm house from the tunnel? could a person, or a little girl it this case run that far while ablaze? the story goes.....a little girl was in the house when it caught fire, the little girl must have caught fire in the house. She would have had to find her way out of the burning house run down the hill and in the tunnel, all while on fire.
question #1  - how much clothing was she wearing to burn that long?  (P.J.'s at best)
question #2  - how far could she have run while on fire?  ( was this commom practice in there house that once set afire, you were to sprint to the tunnel)
question  #3  - what is the longest a stunt person has burned with a controlled burn with fire retardant clothes and protective gear?
question #4   - what are the names of the family that lived there? ( no matter what variation of the story you hear, the family remains nameless)
It is a good story at best, but fact........ to many unanswered questions and realistically........almost impossible.

Webmaster's note: These are excellent questions, and we thank the writer for contacting us, and sharing their experiences, and thoughts on this location.