This story is from an old armory in Brampton...

In the 1990s, I joined the local militia regiment. This regiment is housed in an old armory built around the 1920's earlier or later give or take.

Being an old building I figured that this place had some sort of history. One night after a night of training we had retired to the mess... (this is like a private bar for the soldiers, a place where the troops can unwind after mock battles in the park).

We had been chatting about the history of the regiment and old Seargant Majors and officers and stuff when an older member came over and started to talk about old Walker.

The Seargant Major that didn't want to leave his troops. Very dedicated man Loved his work at the Regt unfortunately passed away a few years prior to this. I didn't think much of this I thought it was goofy beer talk. Until one week when the alarm system for the weapons vault failed and they needed guys to come in and guard the building while it was down.

Needing the extra cash I volunteered along with a few other guys. We thought this great, sit up in the Seargants Mess, watch TV and get paid for it.

We where watching something on the tube and playing cards when we heard a cough from behind the door leading out onto the landing at the top of the stairs.

We thought maybe one of the Seargants had come in for something, or this not being a regular training night, saw the lights and came in to check on us.

Nobody and we remembered that the doors where locked. Later that night we heard foot steps in behind the bar. It was locked and we definitely had no keys for that. A couple of us had remembered the talk about Walker And yelled out...

"Everything is ok Sir."

...just as a joke. But nothing else happened that night.

The next night a new member of the watch team came on. He was one of the regimental Pipers (bag pipe player). We joked around with him about the night before and how the place was haunted and stuff. He just looked at us and said "Oh but it is."

Turns out this piper saw Walker, not many people have but he did. He was playing a mess dinner when he looked up on the balcony/landing and saw a man dressed in old mess kit. He didn't think much of it either until he spoke to and older member and asked the who the old guy was up on the balcony. He was asked to describe him, as he was describing him a circle of people formed around him to hear this. He described him and mouths dropped to the floor and somebody said.

"That's Walker."
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