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A reader sent us the following report from the R.H. King Academy...

I've heard that the night shift security officers got a call to R. H. King regarding a motion sensor activation. Upon arrival, they (two of them) found an open door to the school, so they went in to look for the source. After searching the building to make sure nobody was inside, they heard door handles rattling and voices. Because of this, another search was made, and nothing was found.

I've also heard stories from other caretakers regarding smelling a woman's perfume in the library when the school is empty, or being touched on the shoulder from behind when nobody is there. I hope this information can be of some use.

We have had other brief reports of similar things at the school which seem to be a benign "haunting" of sorts.

We would be very grateful for any other information anyone can send us about the school. If you can assist us, please send us an email.

The following was sent in by one of our readers in June 2009:

"Hi there I was just looking at some of the ghosts stories that you have posted. Well I am one of the caretakers that works for the TDSB and the former Scarborough boards. I was one of the caretakers that was touched by a ghost.

I was working at R H KING in the early 1990s. And on the midnight shift 12 to 8 shift well one night or I should say early morning around 4 or 5 am another caretaker and I were walking in the basement down the long hallway and the lights went out where I stood. I sat on the floor and then I felt someone touch my left shoulder. I said to the other caretaker to stop fooling around to stop and at that the lights came on and he was down the hall from me. There was no way he did that. Then another night I was going to clean the pool and the other caretaker and I went onto the pool deck we both looked at each other I said what the hell is going on it was like there was people splashing water around in the pool .

I would also smell the ladies perfume every night and the last was a ball bouncing in the gym.  I have also worked in other schools in Scarborough that I felt were haunted."

Our thanks to our reader for sharing this with us. If you believe that you have also had an experience at R.H. King Academy please do consider sharing it with us.

Write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and of course, your anonymity and privacy are assured.