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Submitted by Sue St Clair

This report is based on three informal visits, in-person and telephone interviews with staff. We currently have no reports of "activity" from visitors to the site.

Background Information:

Black Creek Pioneer Village, located at the corner of Jane Street and Steeles Avenue in Toronto, is a living museum of life in 1860's rural York County.

It is situated on two farm lots, the first originally belonging to Johann Schmidt and settled in 1809, the second belonging to Daniel and Elizabeth Stong whom arrived in York in 1816. "Faced with one hundred acres of wilderness, they worked hard, cleared the land for farming and built their first home - a small but substantial log house. A grain barn, piggery, smoke house and finally, a larger second home were added over the next few years." These buildings still stand on their original foundations, and some of the belongings of the Stong family are still preserved on site. Indeed trees that were originally planted by the Stongs bear fruit to this day.

The last descendants of the Stong family vacated the homestead in 1958 and sold their property to MTRCA. Black Creek Pioneer Village was opened to the public in 1960. Over the course of the next 22 years additional buildings of historical significance that faced demolition were moved to BCPV.

The Reports:

Staff members have reported what appears to be mild poltergeist activity in the Burwick House (not original to the property) and the original Stong home. These include "shuffling of feet, footsteps, rappings" and general feelings of unease.

The little cemetery near the back of the village where Stong family members are buried has produced reports of balls of light visually seen by at least two security personnel.

We have followed up on these reports to the best of our abilities, however we were informed during our last visit by one staff member that BCPV is attempting to move away from the stigma of "old houses" = "ghosts" and therefore many may be reluctant to speak publicly about any possible experiences.