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PSICAN - Paranormal Studies & Investigations Canada

Paranormal Studies And Investigations Canada PSICAN


The Other Ghosts and Hauntings Research Societies

The Ontario Ghosts and Hauntings Research Society

The British Columbia Ghosts and Hauntings Research Society



Related (Sister and Member Sites) or Hosted On Our Servers

Para-Researchers PSICAN Group Member and Sister Site

Para-Researchers of Quebec

Fort George Ghost Tours Great Tours of Niagara's Haunted Fort!

Muddy York - Walking Tours of Haunted Toronto Ghost Walks in Haunted Toronto!

Allan Mills Paranormal Reporter and Author


Prince Edward County Hauntings

Haunt Pursuit

Maritime Paranormal


Ghosts, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Researchers, Ghost Sites, and Ghost Walks


Abbey Ghost Hunters Based in Scarborough, U.K.

Albany Ghost Investigators Professional & Confidential Paranormal Investigations in Albany, NY

AAPI American Association of Paranormal Investigators based in Denver, Colorado

American Paranormal investigations Based in Sacramento, California

Anthony Duda - New England Paranormal Investigator

American Society for Psychical Research

Archive X's Ghost Stories

The Arizona Paranormal Research Society

Arkansas Paranormal Investigations

Arkansas Paranormal and Anomalous Studies Team

The Bell Witch Fansite a well laid out site on a very interesting case

BellWitch.Org An excellent and thoroughly researched 'Bell Witch' Site

BARS Paranormal

Canadian Ghost Society

CCPI Western Colorado or Eastern Utah

Cold Spot Paranormal A Toronto Based Organisation for ghosts and hauntings

Chat-Cam City's Ghost Cams Links to ghost webcams and chats.

Dead Ohio a great cover-all site in the state of *shock* Ohio! Worth the visit.

Dravenstar PRT A paranormal research group from the eastern part of Kentucky.

EntitySeeker A group based in Edmonton...

Florida Paranormal Research Paranormal team in the state of Florida

Friends of Fort George Ghost Tour Page More information about Fort George's ghost tours in Niagara, Ontario

Ghosthound From Georgia

Ghost Hounds Network message board and much more

Ghost Investigators.Com Based in Kansas City

Ghost Haunts Collection of articles and links

Ghost Hunters Ohio Search Team

Ghost Hunting at Five Locks Canal In Berks County, Pennsylvania, USA

Ghost Mysteries Coverall news and information site.

Ghost Research Society

Ghost Seekers

Ghost Study Loads and loads of ghost photos and other information.

Ghost Village Chat rooms and message boards as well as some info on hauntings.

Ghosts! Are They Real?

The GHOST Team

Hampshire Ghost Club U.K. Based Team

Haunted Arkansas

Haunted Hamilton

Haunted Places Site based on the popular books

Haunted Walks of Canada Ghost tours of Kingston and Ottawa, Ontario

Hollow Earth Tongue-in-cheek Humour

Issues NY Fort George (Niagara-on-the-Lake) Ghost Page.

James Randi's Website (JREF) Sceptic, Debunker & Torontonian

Kentucky Area Paranormal Society Research and Investigation Group in The Bluegrass State


Lone Star Spirits

Maritime & Atlantic Provinces Paranormal Society

Mind/Shift Radio Program Paranormal Coverall Radio Program out of Toronto on CFRB hosted by Errol Bruce-Knapp

Memphis - Midsouth Ghost Hunters Experienced ghost hunters in Memphis Tennessee who investigate reports of ghosts, hauntings and paranormal activity throughout the southern U.S.

Mr F's Views Paranormal investigator in the UK

Mysterious People a site devoted to personalities and anomalies of all sorts.

New England Ghosts Project A Media Friendly Crew from New England.

New Jersey Ghost Research Another group in the great state of New Jersey.

NEWSGROUP - alt.folklore.ghost-stories also known as "The Porch"

Obiwan's UFO Free Paranormal Site EXCELLENT!

O.R.B.S Ohio Researchers Of Banded Spirits

Our Ghost Site Personal experiences and photos from Ottawa.

Oxford County Ghost Researchers Ontario based site. - The Paranormal Search Engine

Paranormal Explorers a new group from Edmonton, Alberta

Paranormal Haunting Mostly photos of places in and around South-Western Ontario

Paranormal People Online

Paranormal Research Initiative based in London, Ontario

Ryerson Theatre Ghost A site devoted to the Ryerson Theatre School Ghost Reports in Toronto.

Sault Ste Marie Paranormal Research Group

Seven Paranormal Research An excellent group based in North Carolina.

Society for Paranormal Investigation based in three U.S. areas, Dallas, District of Columbia and New Orleans.

Society for Psychical Research

Spirit Society A comprehensive educational centre for the paranormal.

Stoney Creek Supernatural a group in the Hamilton, Ontario Area

Superior Paranormal Haunting Research

TAPIS The Alberta Paranormal Investigators Society (Formerly HAPIA)

Team Spirit based in the Kitchener/Waterloo Area

T.O.P.S. Based in Toronto, Ontario

The Dumas Brothel Ghost Page Paranormal Happenings at the Historic Dumas Brothel in Butte, Montana.

The Official Home Page of The Donnelly's (The Black Donnelly's) (There's a ghost page here too!)

Paranormal-Dimensions in Denver, Colorado, USA

The Scottish Society for Psychical Research A very well established group of people looking into the unknown in Scotland.

The Shadowlands

A Taste of the World's - Toronto's Ghost walks & Bike Tours Ghost tours of Toronto!

Trent Hills Ghost Seekers

Utah Paranormal Exploration and Research a Utah based group

Willard Library Ghost-Cam Evansville, IN, USA

World Hauntings based in Kentucky

World Paranormal Investigations based in Ohio with a U.K. Team


Other Non-Ghostly Sites of Interest

The History Channel


Museum of Hoaxes some good, if debunking, ghostly stuff and a lot of fun.

National Library of Canada - Canadian Information

User Friendly - Our Tech's Favourite Comic Strip

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