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"Woodside is the boyhood home of William Lyon Mackenzie King, Canada's longest-serving Prime Minister. The house has been restored to the Victorian style of the 1890s. The importance of this residence is best reflected in King's own words: "The years that left the most abiding of all impressions and most in the way of family associations were those lived at Woodside."

- From Parks Canada Official Website For Woodside National Historic Site of Canada


We received the following report in October 2010:

"Two separate events at the same location, Woodside National Historic park (the actual residence). First time I passed by late at night there were no lights on, vehicles in the parking lot or any apperance of anyone else there, however the door to the residence was wide open, which crossed me as odd (surely there's a alarm or something) I stepped onto the deck and touched the door handle (unsure about checking things out further or simply closing the door) touching that handle made my decision for me, it was like a bolt of ice ran threw my body...something was not right and I left immediately...door still open. I checked the paper the next day or two wondering if it was a break in or something of that effect but no mention was made. I dismissed it.

About 6 months later passing by again late at night I saw a young boy sitting on the deck crying, once again no lights, vehicles, people (other than this little boy) apparent. I called out, he got up and ran around the house I followed, he was gone. I've always questioned since on what I saw/experienced and am curious to know if these events have happened to others in this location.

The building is famous as W.L.M. Kings childhood residence, but it was a rental property that saw many faces move through it. I can dismiss the open door as something natural, mischief, a break in, even a stretch and saying the grounds keeper didn't lock up, however this child was not "normal"


In further correspondence the witness shares these additional details: 

"It was again late at night approx. 1-2 a.m. , mid fall some leaves were on the trees still some had fallen, it was a chilly night I'm guessing about 6-10 degrees C. The boy was young about 5-6 years of age with blonde collar length hair. His clothing was certainly dated (I couldn't place the date myself but would venture 1900's) he was dressed much like a Mennonite boy would dress now, shorts with suspenders and white  short sleeved dress shirt. I didn't get a good look at his face as he had his head down crying/sobbing on the deck of the residence. I was approx 30m from him when I called out, I can't recall if it was "hey, are you ok?" exactly but it was along that line (I already felt at this point this was not a "regular" child considering the previous event and the details of this one), he immediately turned and ran around the side of the house (not making a sound). I gave chase...not running full out as I've said I knew something wasn't right, and he was gone, I should have been able to at least keep track of him but nothing, not a sound or sight of him. I wandered around the grounds for awhile and gave up."


Our thanks go out to the witness for sharing these experiences at Woodside with us. Have you encountered something similar? Can you add further information to this report? Do you feel you may have experienced a haunting in Kitchener, Ontario? If so please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Your privacy will be protected, and confidentiality is assured.
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