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13 spooky places to visit
Just for the Halloween season, we thought we'd present to you thirteen (yes, a "spooky thirteen",) places YOU can check out that have a reputation of being (indeed) haunted. We're going to list them in NO particular order and we will give you as much quick information as possible. Some may not agree and think there's better places to "scope out", but these are the one's we recommend for enthusiasts to have a look around in. Also, we have added a place to discuss how "ghost friendly" a site is... a rating of 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent). This is indicative of our own (and reported) experiences that people have had chatting with the staff about what's happening at these sites. A score of 1 is indicative of the staff not wishing to discuss anything... and five is indicative of the staff being open to all questions.

So, without further adieu, here's the thirteen places!

#1: Fort York - Toronto

Quick Scoop: Oddly enough, out of all the places in Toronto, this is the site we get the most reports from annually. A great history and a great place to visit.

Best Bets: The centre blockhouse and the officer's quarters are the places where most reports come from... and most sightings/incidents have happened in the daytime!

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Ghost Friendliness: 2 - Some staff will chat, other's won't. Officially, it's not really a recognised thing... Best to be coy if you wish to ask about anything ghostly.

#2: Spadina House - Toronto

Quick Scoop: Not as many stories from the house as many other places, but for sheer "feel" and environment, a hands-down winner for the history nut and those who wish to almost experience a waking time-shift while touring. A phenomenal site with a good ghost story...

Best Bets: The second floor on the South Side is a place to visit... as is the "museum" very close to the entrance. We also have had people comment on the rear (East) rooms on the ground floor.

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Ghost Friendliness: 2.5 - We have had nothing but wonderful experiences at the site talking with the staff... most have not experienced anything themselves and again, it's NOT part of the official tour or the like. That said, we have heard there's a wee crack-down to dissuade would-be ghost enthusiasts... and we can understand that. (Not from our people and you readers, of course! We're history first, respect to the place and people foremost! Sadly, not everyone else is...)

#3: Fort George - Niagara-on-the-Lake

Quick Scoop: Have a friend visiting from out of town who DESPERATELY wants a good "ghost place" to visit? If you're in Southern Ontario, RUN, don't walk, to Fort George. Easily the most atmospheric and well reported site in the Niagara region.

Best Bets: Middle (largest) blockhouse, the officer's quarters, "the tunnel", and all around the defensive wall.

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Ghost Friendliness: 4.5 - Daytime, you take your chances... but there's an EXCELLENT ghost walk on specific nights which is WELL worth it.

#4: Old Fort Erie - Fort Erie

Quick Scoop: Lovely old stone building with a rather troubled and bloody past. LOADS of reports from this one that match what other's have seen, heard, and experienced. Don't know if it's still there, but a "ghost photo" is even posted outside the kitchen... debunk if you can! (...and yes, it can be debunked!)

Best Bets: There's two main buildings joined by a gate... and the upstairs in both is worth visiting!

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Ghost Friendliness: 4 - Most guides and people will talk about their ghosts... and they have an occasional ghost walk. Friendly people and an interesting place to learn about regardless!

#5: High Park (by Grenadier Pond) - Toronto

Quick Scoop: Several ghost reports close by each other... with the most well known one being Colborne Lodge.... but there's a couple of other's too.

Best Bets: Colborne Lodge, as a museum, is good... but really, the area beside the pond on the East side... That's where a lot of "action" seems to take place.

Click Here for our first report, second report, and third report...
Click Here for the official site...

Ghost Friendliness: 1 - This is more for the staff at Colborne Lodge than the other locations (they're not "staffed")... and it's NOT indicative of them being "unfriendly" at all! It's just that the "ghost stories" are not something they seem all that interested in or willing to entertain all that much. (This despite it coming from a police officer...)

#6: Keg Mansion - Toronto

Quick Scoop: Good food and probably Toronto's third best known ghost story... Our only complaint? Well, a little pricey... but worth it.

Best Bets: Upstairs... and, I hate to say this to the easily spooked, but the bathrooms.

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Ghost Friendliness: 4 - The staff are usually willing to discuss the ghosts... and often might share their own experiences. A good "date" spot for enthusiasts, to be certain!

#7: Fort Wellington - Prescott

Quick Scoop: A favourite fort of ours! Under-reported and under the radar to many, it's a great site, great museum, great place... with a fantastic ghost story to boot! Best part, it's usually not all that crowded!

Best Bets: The blockhouse. All of it.

Click Here for our reports...
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Ghost Friendliness: 2 - The staff really don't talk about the ghost stories as a rule, but are a friendly and nice bunch who, if they have information or insight, will pass it along happily!

#8: Jester's Court - Port Perry

Quick Scoop: Really good food and very friendly staff! A wonderful place that has great ghost stories and a great atmosphere!

Best Bets: Upstairs (again)... especially the stairwell and the entrance to the bathrooms.

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Ghost Friendliness: 4.5 - Our experience has shown the staff to be very welcoming about discussing their ghost stories and very accommodating with information!

#9: Nicholas Street Hostel - Ottawa

Quick Scoop:
The old gaol (jail, for those needing to know,) that indeed still features the execution room... and several excellent ghostly tales!

Best Bets: The Gallows room... most of the hallways... many of the cells. Watch for the oven.

Click Here for our reports...
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Ghost Friendliness: 5 - They are very much at home with their resident ghosts and ghostly lore! (Book ahead!!!)

#10: Inn at the Falls - Bracebridge

Quick Scoop: Easy sell if you're travelling with someone who isn't an enthusiast... a spa, inn, with fantastic food and a great environ. All this and a resident ghost!

Best Bets: Room 105

Click Here for our reports...
Click Here for the official site...

Ghost Friendliness:
5 - BOOK IN ADVANCE... or watch for special events. These folks are more than comfortable with their ghostly legend!

#11: Donnelly Homestead - Lucan

Quick Scoop: Old West Justice... or Old World Justice... meted out to an entire family, mostly at one place... and this is it! What a history!

Best Bets: The Barn and the Original Foundations

Click Here for our reports...
Click Here for the official site...

Ghost Friendliness: 3 - Although the current owners/residents are very comfortable with their properties legends and history, and embrace it... and even have books and tours available... book ahead and BE GRACIOUS!

#12: Guild Inn Grounds - Scarborough

Quick Scoop: Atmospheric and a definite "feel" to the place. Well worth a wander around... and some interesting reports from the property. (Some which we cannot share...)

Best Bets: Directly behind the old buildings... in the "theatre" area.

Click Here for our reports...
Click Here for the official site...

Ghost Friendliness:
0 - No staff, really. It's a park. The buildings that do remain are still (at the time of writing,) under several considerations for new use. STAY OUT of the buildings... which isn't too problematic because, honestly, outside near the theatre area is really where the action is. (BE SAFE WHILE VISITING!!!)

#13: Backus Mill and Conservation Area - Port Rowan

Quick Scoop: Most under-reported and interesting sites in Ontario... Crammed full of things happening from ghostly goings on to very odd cryptozoological reports! This is a place that not enough people know about... which is a shame. We're working on a new investigation from there right now... and it's a Duesy!

Best Bets: Almost anywhere around the museum/village

Click Here for our reports...
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Ghost Friendliness: 2.5 - Staff run in two varieties there... One's that are very happy to talk about things that happen/have happened there, and one's who aren't. The "official" stance, we believe, is that no, there's nothing there... so keep that in mind... but ask anyway. You'll be glad you did if you find the right folks!

There you go... an "unofficial/official" THIRTEEN haunted places to visit in Ontario for Halloween... but if these didn't tickle your fancy, scan the website... see if there is anything else... just remember, we CAN NOT and WILL NOT give out exact street addresses or contact information to private homes or businesses if they've requested we keep things quiet... so if you don't see a proper place name or an address on one of our reports, that's why.

Lastly, DON'T forget to read Our Top Ten Suggestions for people wanting to visit haunted places and investigate. It's a QUICK read... and very valuable!
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