Investigators: Penny and Tere

The following report and investigation can serve as a reminder as to why we do not encourage seances or Ouija board use in attempts to communicate with our deceased loved ones.

The primary witnesses (husband & wife) with their children moved into their home along with a senior parent. As far as the family are aware there were no reports of hauntings prior to their moving in, nor immediately afterwards.

A few weeks before Christmas, the husband and wife decided to try to perform a séance in hopes of contacting a recently deceased relative. No activity occurred at the séance.

However, the morning after the séance as they were sitting in the dining room, the sound of a glass smashing onto the floor was heard. The husband got up to see that a glass that was in the middle of the table had smashed onto the floor into pieces. He then noticed a small child in a blue shirt running from the room out of the corner of his eye. The child then hid behind the Christmas tree. The child appeared to be the same height and build as one of their own. The husband called out his child's name and the child enters the living room from the bedroom wearing a different coloured shirt, not blue. Their child was not in the room when the glass smashed. The apparition then disappears.

A month later their older child was in bed, but had not yet fallen asleep. This older child sees a kid standing in the corner of the room, but can also see their younger sibling sleeping in another bed. The apparition appears to be, again, same build and size as the youngest child. The older child sees the apparition move across the room and disappear. There are no night lights in room and the blinds are closed.

During the same month scratching sounds can be heard by both children. Sounds are heard while they are lying in bed, but not yet asleep. The sounds have been heard over a matter of months, and have come and gone. Sounds were heard when family pets were in another part of the home.

The eldest child sees a shadow running through the living room. The child tells the mother and both hear the sound of the master bedroom door handle turning and the door opening.

A couple of months later the mother was lying in her bed about 4pm and felt someone sitting at the end of her bed, theweight felt like an adult, and not a child. The mother has also felt someone touching her every other night. This has happened consistently for the past few months. She also has felt a tug on the blanket of bed with her husband as a witness. She has also felt a touch on her face and physically saw her hair move.

Two weeks prior to our investigation the senior parent also felt someone sit at the end of the bed. The next day (same family member) felt a touch on the shoulder and again someone sitting on the bed.

One week prior to our investigation while resting in their bedroom after dinner, approx. 7 or 8pm, the senior parent felt a tapping on their back. Kitchen cupboards were also heard opening and closing by the mother and eldest child during that week. The pets cannot get into cupboards due to the way the cupboards close.

Three weeks prior to the on-site investigation the mother set up video camera to try and capture what is touching her foot every other night. She notices a few light flickers on walls and positions camera towards these flickers. The blinds and bedroom door were closed and only the light from the camcorder was on. Many flying circles of light were caught on camera. Some larger and brighter and some smaller and faded. The lights appeared to move in many different directions. One portion of video shows a bright blue light moving across the screen. Due to it's location there are no car lights that could shine through this window. Air vent is not used and covered by things so no air movement in room. House is heated by gas, not electric heat vents. Minor construction is going on outside, but not at that time of night.

At this time June 2006 this investigation is ongoing. The family are noted to be friendly, helpful, and open to the possibility of natural causes for some of these incidents. Both husband and wife have had other experiences that may be paranormal in nature, but do not believe these are in anyway related to present events.

Any updates will be posted to this page. Lead investigator P. Dobson.

Our thanks to the witnesses for contacting us and sharing these experiences.