The witness writes:

When I was 5 years old in 1991; my dad, mom, sister, brother and I moved to a hundred acre farmhouse on Highway 7 in Omemee, Ontario. A few years ago, my dad told us that the night we moved in there was a knock at the front door. He opened the door to see a very elderly woman who did not look up at him, but told him that it was a mistake to have moved his family here, and that the place was not safe. He, having three children under 10 in the next room, shut the door in her face so that we didn't hear this. Re-thinking shutting a door in a woman's face he opened the door again to apologize and she was gone. The thing was, it was February, and we lived down a very long driveway which the walk out of would have been uphill, and he didn't recall a car in the driveway at all. There were no footsteps in the snow anywhere coming or going from the door. He had no clue what to make of what just happened to him so he never told anyone about it.

Fast-forward a few years and I'm about 10 years old, probably around 1996. Laying on my stomach in front of the television in the living room, out of the corner of my eye I see something on the stairs to my left. I look over and see a white floating female apparition in what looks like a high necked, white lace dress coming ever-so-gently down the staircase. I, being 10, freak the Hell out and run out of the room to the kitchen. I don't think I told anyone about it, as everyone was upstairs and saw nothing.

Another story happened to my sister. In her bedroom upstairs on the second floor, she heard heavy footsteps above her head. The attic was never accessed while we lived there, posing the question, why was she hearing something above her. She says that whomever was walking up there let out a gasp, grunt, and sounded like they were having problems like a heart attack or something, and then beads dropping to the floor. At this time, as kids, we didn't even know how to look in the attic and it was crawling room only so no one could have been up there. If it was a raccoon, it sounded like a grown man and how did it have beads? Maybe it was a huge stocky raccoon who dropped a bunch of seeds. Who knows. We can't explain it.

My sister also had a very panicked feeling every time she showered in our second floor bathroom. She said that on multiple occasions she would be showering and a darkness would cover the ceiling towards her. She would have been about 13-15 at the time. She got really paranoid about feeling like she was being watched, so she started only changing in a bathroom, not in her bedroom.
One room upstairs was so creepy no one slept in it. It was a beautiful huge room in the day, but at night it was so black, even with two huge windows with no window-coverings on them. The darkness was intense. I attempted to sleep in that room one night, I ended up sleeping with comforter blankets on the floor in the closet.

The basement was a whole other story. The basement had the original dirt floor on one side, and a finished concrete floor on the other side where the laundry machines and my dad's tools were. The dirt floor room had a corner that made me incredibly uneasy. For some reason I always believed that bones were going to re-animate and crawl out of the dirt to get me. Chalk it up to childhood imagination if you want, but that part of the basement was super creepy.

Another experience I had at that house was in the piano room I thought I heard something outside, and looked out the window towards the front yard, on which I saw a bleeding little black Scottish terrier. (I know what the breed is now in my age but at the time to me it was just a small black dog). I ran to the front door to go outside and help it, (we lived on a farm, sometimes coyotes got domestic animals and tried to eat them), but there was no sight of it. I walked over to where I saw it and there was no blood, no tufts of fur, no sounds other than our chickens in the distance. I was about 10-11 years old, to imagine that would have been really messed up.

Even more crazy than the bloody dog, one night I was watching TV late and heard someone screaming for help outside. It had that particular echo of how yelling outside sounds. So again, I ran to the same window as before, looked out to the front yard (which has the driveway which is the only way in or out of our property, like I said, our property was off the highway and down a steep ditch, and the 100 acres surrounding us were fields to the sides and huge acreage of thick woods to the back. I looked to the light for the driveway and saw no one but continued to hear a woman screaming. I heard, as clear as day, the words “Help me please, he's going to kill me”. Over and over again for a minute and kept searching the yard and area for a woman running around, but there was no one. I ran upstairs to tell my mom so that she could help the woman. Awoken to a frantic kid, my mom said she didn't hear anything and that I must have been watching a scary movie and imagining it. I went back downstairs and never heard the screams again. I told my mom and dad again the next day, and they said they'd check the news but outside of that it must have been my imagination.
Outside of the house, in the barn, there were two areas where I never ventured. One was in the basement of the barn on the opposite side of our pig pen. There were cow stalls that were not lit well and the end of the “stall hallway” always made me feel super on edge. The same feeling came over my sister and I in another part of the barn so we never went near it.

I know my dad, sister, and brother all have stories from this farmhouse. I will be suggesting to them that they also submit them here.

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