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In the late 1500's the proud tribes of Iroquois and Huron clashed in the valley that we now know as Hogg's Hollow. The intersection of Yonge and York Mills/Wilson goes through it today. Also down deep about 50' underground is the North/South tunnels of the Yonge Subway and York Mills Station.

Back in the time of these tribes, and their quest for dominance over each other, was a fierce battle fought in this valley on the banks of the river that ran through the valley. Legend has it that many proud warriors of both tribes fought and died in this battle. Unfortunately some of these warriors bodies, and hence their spirits, were not recovered for proper burial by their respective tribes. It seems that a heavy rain storm flooded the river on the evening of the battle and washed some of the warriors bodies away.

These bodies and their spirits became lodged and buried in the bed of the river to remain forever...


the tunnels of the Yonge-Subway were built. Today, it has been reported, very quietly, that there is something very strange happening during the fall season in the tunnels between York Mills and Sheppard on the Yonge Subway line. I know of someone who's job sometimes requires them to walk the tunnels in this location for problems with the workings of the subway system.

One night, in late October not too years ago just before Halloween, they were given a radio call to check a problem just after the last train had departed for Wilson yard from Finch Station. They entered the Subway from an emergency exit and walked towards the track and round tunnel section. They were accompanied by two other employees, one who was a native Canadian of Iroquois decent.

As they made their way North in the Southbound tunnel, it became very clear to them that they were not alone. In the far distance, yet seemingly not too far away, they heard voices but couldn't make out what was said or in what language it was in. They assumed it was a track crew that was due in the area to do work just North of the location and out of sight over the rise in the tunnel.

As they got closer to the voices it got apparent the language spoken wasn't English, Italian or Greek but was unknown yet strangely familiar. The native worker suddenly stopped and looking very perplexed and a little upset quickly told them that he recognized the language as a very old form of Iroquois that his grandfather had spoken and that the voices weren't talking but reciting an ancient Iroquois prayer for the dead. They stopped beside an internal phone and called the TTC control office to ask if anyone was also working at track level. They were told that they were the only crew at track level north of Bloor.

Still hearing the voices, now quieter, they walked a little further North until they could see over the rise. There was nobody there. Just about at the location of where the initial problem was reported to be in, the voices stopped and the crew did the repairs very quickly. They all thought that we had been hearing things and shrugged it off as a practical joke or some clowns yelling down an air shaft nearby.

However, walking back toward the emergency exit the voices returned and this time they were accompanied by a distinct sound of what could only be described as wailing and crying and distant drums. They ran out of the tunnel and left the area very quickly.

Reporting this to their bosses was not an option so they kept it to themselves.

The native worker, however did tell some tribal elders of the incident and they informed him about how the old ones had a battle and how some of the spirits were lost.

A year ago in late October, a Shaman performed a ceremony just outside the entrance to the emergency exit to help release the trapped spirits so they could find peace.

Did it work? I wouldn't know but my original source has told me that nobody else has reported voices in this area in October since.

Did the spirits find peace? I hope so. Only time will tell.

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