We received the following report in November 2013. The events described happened years earlier and some minor details have been removed to protect privacy:

"I moved into an apartment on the second floor of an old house on Laws street.  I didn't know the couple who lived there before me and when I moved in I thought it was the cutest apartment in the world. Very small but old with the original mouldings, rads, stained glass windows, etc. There were 2 apartments on the 2nd floor and one on the third (attic). The main floor was one large apartment.

Within a few weeks, I started to have strange things happen but never having lived in a haunted house, I chalked it up to my forgetfulness and crazy imagination. For example, every morning I would get up and shower first thing. Every single morning I would walk back into my room and my acrylic analog alarm clock would be face down on the floor. I would just put it back up on my nightstand and not give it much thought.

Small things would happen that I didn't put together. Every morning around 4:10am, I would wake up to the same, practically inaudible noise. I had an antique chair in my living room (which faced my bedroom). I had a red chenille blanket on the back of the chair. It sounded like the blanked was being pulled along the chair. It was that simple but it would wake me up. When I looked there was nothing there.

After a few more incidents, I asked my neighbour if he had issues. He nonchalantly told me he did and that's why he had crucifixes placed around his place. The girl upstairs, had the same issues. No one seemed too bothered by it so I tried not to be too.

One weekend, my friend had a mouse infestation in her apartment and I was going away. I told her to come stay at my place. I hadn't told anyone but my neighbours what was going on and I certainly didn't want to scare my friend unnecessarily. I left her the keys and went out of town on Saturday morning. She came to my place Saturday afternoon.  I forgot my cell phone in my apartment. When I returned Sunday night my keys were in my mailbox so I had no idea anything had happened. I got in the door and went to the kitchen to clean my dishes. My living room and kitchen were all one long room. The living room had a window facing the street so I always had the drapes closed. My kitchen sink faced the back of the house and had a shiny white back-splash. I had my hair up in a pony tail. As I was cleaning the dishes (my back to the living room) I noticed a funny movement on the tiles. The light on the tiles started to move to the right – and the hair on my neck stood right on end. I slowly turned around and my drapes were open.  I quickly walked out of my apartment and stayed at my neighbours for a few hours to calm down. That's when he told me that the people before me moved out for the same reason.

A couple lived there. They had a large, ceramic statue that must have weighed 30 pounds and looked like a tower.  Apparently it was sitting on a table in the kitchen but twice she turned around and it was moved to the middle of the living room floor – standing perfectly straight. Right where my chair was (where I would hear the blanket every night).  Apparently she was home one night alone and her bathtub filled up. She ran out and never returned. He had to move their stuff out.

That night, my girlfriend who stayed there, called me. She was beside herself and asked me to move out of the house. She said that when she got there Saturday, my stereo kept turning on and she would keep turning it off. She said that she went to get her shoes and they were gone. When she opened my door to the hallway –her shoes were there. That really scared her. She had a friend come pick her up. When she got into her friends car  - she pointed up to show her friend which one was my apartment. When she did – my curtain opened.

I stayed another few months I think.  I had a friend who would stay over every wed night because we worked together and she commuted from out of town. She would sleep on my couch in the living room. She said that she would always wake up around 4am by the strong smell of perfume coming from the where my chair was. I have no idea how she knew where it was coming from and neither did she.

The final straw was my coffee table. I built it with my Dad. It must have weighed 40lbs because it was made with wood and slate tiles on top. It was rectangular and sat on my oriental carpet which was a pain to vacuum because you always saw the vacuum lines on the carpet piling.  I had to run to the store to get something. When I walked back into my apartment I got a weird feeling and before I even looked, the hair stood up on my neck again. My coffee table was turned sideways on my carpet. There were no marks on the easily marked carpet of the table being turned.  It weighed so much and its as if it was just picked up and turned around.

I gave my notice and moved out right away.  I didn't stay for the last two months that I gave notice. I had to go back for one more trip to pick up a few pots that I had left in the kitchen. I went after work one day in the fall. It was twilight and the light was starting to change in the apartment while I was cleaning out the final kitchen cupboard. As before, the hair started to stand up on my neck.  Left the pots, I didn't turn around. I think I even closed my eyes and ran out. I've never been back since. I wouldn't mind my pots back though!

There were more, smaller incidences but I cant remember them all now. These are the ones that have always stood out in my mind. 

I would love to know the history of that house. Every tenant in that house felt the same thing so I know it wasn't in my head."

Our thanks and appreciation go out to the witness for sharing this experience with us. Have you had a similar experience, can you add further information to this report? If so please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Your privacy will be protected and confidentiality is assured.