The following was submitted by one of our readers:

I have wanted to share my story with everyone. I remember the incident as if it were yesterday. I know it wasn't a figment of my imagination. It is as follows:

In the fall of 1999, my older brother moved into a house on Milford Haven Drive. He moved into the house with his wife and son. My brother had a job as a security guard. He worked late shifts, and would come home past midnight. He told me a few times that when came home he would hear strange noises. I was skeptical at the time and thought that it was all in his head. But he told me that he kept hearing these noises coming from the basement. But still, I did not listen to him.

About one year later, I moved in with my brother and I was staying upstairs temporarily until the basement was done. While I was staying there, I helped him do work, like putting up drywall and painting. Basically, the handy stuff. We managed to finish the basement 2 months later. It was time for me to move downstairs.

I had settled into the basement. I remember what my brother told me about the noises in the basement, but again I thought it was nonsense. As soon as I settled in, several hours went by and then it was about 2 am. I was doing some exercise, since I couldn't sleep. As soon as I was done, I attempted to try to sleep and I turned off the lights.

This is when the strange thing happened. I heard someone laughing. The laughing sounded like it was close by. So I looked outside my window to see if it was the neighbor, but no one was there. I went outside to see if there was anyone on the sidewalk, and still there was nothing. I went upstairs and my sister-in-law, and nephew were sound asleep, and my brother was still at work. I was confused, and I wanted to know what this could be. I went to bed and about a half an hour later, not only did I hear laughing, but I heard a radio. This was beginning to get really weird. I stayed awake, and waited for my brother to come home.

When my brother finally came home I told him about what was going on in the basement. He told me he heard the exact same thing before. We were both puzzled by this. In the morning, my sister-in-law confirmed that she heard the same noises in the past too. All three of us believed that this house could be haunted, but we had nothing concrete to back that up.

About a month later, my brother went to get his mail from the mailbox and the neighbor came over to say hi to my brother. My brother was staring at the mail and noticed that some man's mail was stll coming to this address. He wrote "Return to Sender" on the mail and stuck it in front for the mail man. The neighbour saw the name on the envelope and was surprised that the man was still receiving mail and he told that to my brother.

The neighbour (who was living there at the time) informed my brother that this man was a tenant in our house. He also told my brother that around 1997, the man had died in the basement from natural causes. The neighbour said that he saw the ambulance come to the house.

I was told about this information. The ghost did not seem to be threatening. His laugh sounded like a happy laugh. However, I moved out sonn after anyway. I did not feel comfortable with a ghost. Not too long after that a female tenant had moved into the basement, and she told my brother about the unusual sounds. She was hearing them too.

My brother and his family moved out of the house in 2004.

Our thanks to the witness for sharing this report. Often when people hear strange sounds they cannot initially explain they become frightened. From the above report we learn that once the family got over their initial fear despite remaining uneasy they were able to discern that the "laughing" was a happy sound, and over all no harm came to them.

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