Latest Theory on the Orb Phenomenon

Okay, there is NO doubt in my mind that "orbs" exist... I know they do because I have seen them and photographed them myself BUT I'm still of the mind that says "orbs do not equal ghosts".

Now, I've said ALL of this on the message board SEVERAL times BUT...

I tend to organize places that we hear about into three categories... "Known Haunts", "Unknown Haunts" and "Personal Haunts". I should define these...

"KNOWN HAUNTS" are places that have already been documented in books or other sources or places that we've heard about repeatedly from multiple sources. For example, Fort York is a "known haunt".

"UNKNOWN HAUNTS" are places that have been reported to us by one or two people but have never been documented outside the e-mails we have received. Oddly enough, TWO examples for THIS SITE are The Former Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital and Todmorden Mills.

"PERSONAL HAUNTS" are places that one person has told us about that we do not have any other reports from. This can range from well known places with no other reported "ghostly" activity to another location that is private to the individual.

That being said, we've seen orb photos from ALL of the above AND from everywhere else from wrestling matches to fairgrounds.

CONCLUSION: (In my eyes,) Since orbs happen at places that are not known to be haunted and since "orbs" can be reproduced by taking pictures in rain or snow, "orbs" are a naturally occurring thing.

ISSUE: Then why do "orbs" appear indoors? Why do they appear when it's neither raining nor snowing?

HYPOTHESIS: Since I have experienced AND scientific equipment has validated occurrences of 'cold spots' (places where for no particular reason, there is a noticeable temperature drop attributed to everything from ghosts to simple breeze shifts,) in "known haunts", maybe when a photo is taken of a "haunt" and a 'cold spot' is present, the atmosphere is just right that some kind of moisture or dust activity is triggered and therefore you get and "orb" phenomena on film.

IN OTHER WORDS: "Orbs" themselves are NOT supernatural in origin but do occur normally in very natural, non-paranormal settings BUT, because of their possible nature, THEY CAN BE TRIGGERED by supernatural occurrences.

Again, this is JUST a hypothesis that I've already expressed on our message board and a few people have commented on it.

If you would like to add to this theory OR rebut it, please e-mail it to us EXACTLY as you wish to see it posted, (please, keep it PG Rated,) and I will do so here.