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University of Windsor - Assumption College - Huron Hall -  Windsor

Over the years we've had a couple of people write to us about a phantom in the University of Windsor. Both e-mails were different in their description of the ghost except in one key factor.

The apparition is seen dressed in "white" and "glides down the hall" in Assumption College.

According to John Robert Colombo  in "Mysteries of Ontario" he thought he may have gotten to the source of this ghost.

A student he identified only as "Gene C." apparently would sneak down to the "junk room" and lit a cigarette (prohibited in the building,) dressed only in a white nightshirt. Another student wandering late at night spotted Gene and immediately cried "Ghost!"

Even after the admission, apparently, the "ghost" of the college was still talked about, and we believe that thanks to a former student who contacted us we now may finally have the true version of the ghost story.

The ghost stories that involve the "Lady In White" are from a student residence that was located a few blocks off campus near the local Macdonalds known as Huron Hall. The residence was a former motel with a very seedy past, and before that it was apparently the site of a lumber mill. The apparition most commonly reported is believed to date back to the days of the motel when a local prostitute was rumoured to have been murdered there. There is another apparition this time of a male that is less commonly reported that may in fact date back to the lumber mill where an employee died as the result of an accident.

No matter the actual source of the hauntings over the years several students have claimed to have encountered these apparitions either in the halls or in a specific room. One student claimed to have seen the apparition sitting upon her bed!

Other happenings included mysterious lights, electrical disturbances, and other mild poltergeist activity.

The building that housed Huron Hall was sold in 2000 and demolished in early 2001.

We now believe that the reports of a ghost on campus were confused with the reports from Huron Hall. It is a shame that the building no longer exists as it sounds as if it warranted further investigation.

Our thanks go out to the former student who stayed in Huron Hall for sharing this with us. If you have further information please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Your privacy will be protected. We would also be interested in receiving any photos of the old residence that we may be able to add to this report.