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The private residence of Nelson G. Reynolds was built in 1874, and was the former second home of the Sheriff of Ontario County. It is now a school located on Byron and Dunlop Street. The structure was built to be a smaller replica of his first home Trafalgar Castle, and this is where Iron’ Reynolds retired to. In the end he was bed ridden, and he passed away in 1881. He was 66 when he died.

Nelson Gilbert Reynolds had been appointed to the position of Sheriff of Ontario County by the Honourable John Ross. According to a write-up in Paranormal Frontiers this officer "experienced many interesting moments in Canadian history including the William Lyon MacKenzie revolt in Toronto in the chilly month of December 1837. He also chased after American "Patriots" who were apparently planning an invasion. It was almost as if ‘Iron’ Reynolds was Ontario’s version of RCMP Officer Sam Steele or the real Canadian hero."

The first recorded ghosts and haunting report at this location took place in 1977. The owner Peter Solyom reported in a newspaper article that he heard strange noises when alone in the building, including disembodied voices. Eventually the voice made itself known as the deceased Sheriff Reynolds who told the startled listener about the history of the building.

More voices came through and apparently included that of an old distiller during the prohibition period named Harry Hatch. This spirit claimed one "Al Capone had visited the building to purchase to bootlegger’s liquor business." Both of the identified spirits claimed that they were looking for people.

There are no modern ghost reports from this location. And no reports at all since it has become a school.

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Paranormal Frontiers - Whitby Ghosts October 2003



We received the following report from a reader in July 2013:


"In 1971 another couple and myself started a biweekly newspaper, operating out of the Nelson Residence until mid 1972. The editor was sure that the house was haunted. She said she would often feel as if she was being watched while she sat working at her desk. She also claimed to hear voices  and sounds as if someone was moving around in the house. At first she thought it was either me or her husband while we were working in another room, however she also heard these sounds when we were not there.

They also lived upstairs in the residence, and she had said that she had personal items go missing. Neither myself, nor her husband could say we experienced anything unusual, except perhaps hearing noises that could have been simply due to the movement of an old building.

After we moved to a new location, the house was opened as a restaurant. Since the school has taken over the building, they have put an addition on the back. I haven't been inside to see what alterations, if any, have been made. When we were there, the house was in it's original state. It was an interesting house.

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