In March 2011 one of our readers kindly shared the following report:


"I worked next to the Sisters restaurant on Kingston Rd., around 2006. I worked next door at a store in a little strip mall  called the Salvation Army Store.


From the day we went in there to open it, and get it ready there were some women who said they felt the upstairs where the office was was very uncomfortable. One lady in particular didn't like to go up there at all.  It was the top of the store and there was nothing up there but an office in one corner and all empty around it, so boxes would be put up there for the next big sale etc.


When i started to work there , one day in particular a ball came bouncing down the stairs and we were all at the bottom , where we had to sort clothes, and price them, we happen to be standing in a circle getting ready for the morning with out store managers to find out what we were all doing that day.  It totally freaked us out, but again this one women and particular, kept saying, there is something wrong with up there.


Well,she never ended up staying  much longer she wasn't even there for the store opening. Myself, i ended up getting a position where i would have to go up there at night before the store closed at night , which was always before 6pm, it never stayed open longer than that.


At one time in particular i was sitting at the desk getting all the cash tabs ready to be entered on the journal when from the corner of my eye i saw a black figure look into the office, what started me was it like someone was standing on the other side of the door frame and leaning in, as soon as i looked up and stared at it, it disappeared.


i was terrified, i had only one other girl with me at the time in the store and she had to stay on the bottom floor to tidy up and lock up, i could see her through the glass and motioned for her to come up, i was not sitting there alone. Needless to say it took me a lot longer to get everything into the computer because i didn't tell her what i saw , i didn't want her to think i was nuts and i was frightened of being alone.


There were several instances of things bouncing down the stairs at your feet, coming in first in the morning and swearing you heard someone talking. Several times i locked the door and had someone with me while i pushed it and the alarm was checked and would come in the next day to be told off that i didn't do any of that.  You couldn't prove you did, but when two people are there and you are pulling the door to make sure its locked well, you know something wasn't quite right.

I had to work Sundays in the store once in a while, and you always had to go alone, no other person with you, you were to clean up, vacuum etc., there was a constant feeling of someone watching you i was always looking over my shoulder and hated going in alone.

Just before i left the store for good a women who had worked there came up to me to put her articles through to be bought , she said she worked in there when it was Goodwill.

She looked at me and said "So, does weird stuff still happen in here to you guys" I just looked at her and didn't answer because i wasn't sure what to make of it, but when she went to leave i did say to her, "Well i don't want to hear anything, i got to work here, but yes there has been some stuff" She just looked at me and said " It happened all the time we worked here" I just walk away to straighten up a few things, but to be honest i felt like i had affirmation of what i already knew and was to scared to say to anybody but my family.

That store is no longer under the name i worked for but a clothing depot again, i have always been curious if they are going through the same things some of us did. I would love to know if anyone from back in the day has any stories to tell of that place.


Thank you for reading my story."



Update August 2015: One of our readers kindly shared the following with us.


I worked at this store also, and i was privy to that ball bouncing down the stairs. We were in the back sorting through clothing and things to decide what is to get ready for the racks to go out to be sold. It was a very strange thing to see, considering their was no one up stairs at the time. We knew that because only the Manager would be up there, we could go up for lunch if we wanted or our break, but that was not the time of the day for any of this.

I worked a lot at night upstairs, i was given the chance to start to tally up the sales for the day in the computer. Their was an evening i had my head down on the desk, concentrating over the paperwork i was doing when out of the corner of my eye, in the door frame a black shadow of a person just popping their upper torso into the room to watch me.

I'll never forget that....... I jumped about two feet in the air, and ran to the door which was about 4 to 5 steps , that's how close I was to the desk was to the door.

No one, was up there, the only other person with me was the girl downstairs doing her job that i could see through the big glass widow we had. This was the head , shoulders and upper torso of something.

Never again was I comfortable up there after that. I knew what I saw, because after i sat back down i kept taking my bangs and putting them in different positions on my face to see if maybe that is what i saw, my hair falling over my eye. No, nothing even close.

I had to stay up their and finish my job, because those figures had to be sent to the head office, but i was absolutely terrified , the whole night. And funny thing is, outside the office where the huge empty space is , was lit up. It wasn't dark or anything.

Also the Sunday thing, I did that too. You always felt , at lest i did, that when you were down on the main floor you were being watched. It was so creepy, i would do my job and get out."



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