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We were first contacted by a staff member of this unique building in regards to a possible haunting in the Fall of 2005. A brief history of the building follows:

Toronto's first Stock Exchange building was built in 1912 at 234 Bay Street. The Exchange merged in the 1930s with the Standard Stock and Mining Exchange and a new structure was erected on the same site. Designed by architects George and Moorehouse with associate S.H. Maw and completed in 1937 it combines streamlined modern, art deco and stripped classicism. The dominant style, however, is streamlined modern. Its elegant proportions and sophisticated detailing perfectly suited its Bay Street address. Revered as an architectural and technological marvel, a "masterful expression of its time, place and function" with "the most up-to-date trading floor in the world." The Toronto Stock Exchange building was designated a heritage property on August 14, 1978 because of its "architectural value and historic interest." The Exchange moved in 1983 to its current headquarters at the corners of King and York streets. The original building has remained wholly intact and parts were fully restored by the developer. It is currently home to the Design Exchange, which is open to the public. Please check the Design Exchange's website listed below for further details.

The activity reported to us by the staff member include poltergeist-like phenomena such as turning on taps in the kitchen, interference with the electrical system, footsteps, apparitions, eerie feelings of a presence, and possible images of this strange creature caught on a surveillance camera. Older reports do exist and are similar to those mentioned above.

Matthew Didier and Sue Demeter conducted a preliminary investigation at the Design Exchange on Saturday October 29th. Staff reports were taken as well a tour of the affected areas. EMF readings taken at the location "hotspots" did not indicate anything out of the normal range that would be expected. 1-2 milligauss. Photos taken at the time do not show any anomalies. Sue did notice an immediate change of atmosphere upon entering the trading floor (this could be due to the structure itself and acoustics). Unfortunately all video surveillance tapes were destroyed and they were unable to be examined.

A further in-depth investigation is planned with a larger team and we are working on a full historical background check.

If you have had an experience that you cannot explain in this building either during it's years as the Toronto Stock Exchange or as The Design Exchange and/or you can provide further information we would appreciate hearing from you.


* The Design Exchange -

Private Correspondence with staff members

In-person Interview October 29th 2005

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