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One of our readers has sent us an interesting lead to a possible ghost or something at the Ryerson University campus.

The reporter said that he got a "creepy feeling" when entering the Theatre School building and was told by the teacher that indeed the building had a "permanent resident". Unfortunately, I don't have much more information than that from the reporter but he did go on to tell of a rumour of a girl who was rehearsing on the stage when she saw something so terrifying, she refused to ever go into the building again.
The contributor also said he had a chance to tour the building at night but came up empty handed.

Here is an addition to the Ryerson ghosts from another interested reader...

Just wanted to add a bit more about the Ryerson Theatre School ghost(s) and to let you know that I have contacted a few Ryerson students I know and asked them to contact you with any information they had heard while attending the school.
  • Cold spot in north east corner of McAllister Studio on 3rd floor-myself and many have felt it
  • Repeated sightings of what appears to be a white female figure in the hallway located behind the McAllister Studio and the attic above the studio
  • I have heard several people say they have heard their name whispered when they have been alone in the school
  • The lights in McAllister studio come on and off at whim, even during performance-I have seen this-the program for my first year production asks the audience to pardon the possible light fluctuations due to the resident ghost!!
  • A vocal music teacher in first year told of how she saw the same white female figure singing in the 3rd floor hallway, and that at same time another member of faculty felt spooked at the other end of the hallway
  • Gusts of wind and scattering of papers when windows were closed in a 3rd floor classroom
  • When I was in first year, a member of my class and our instructor claimed to have sighted a figure on the same evening within minutes of each other, in McAllister studio

The bottom line is if sit alone in the McAllister studio, I guarantee you will feel watched.

That is what I remember hearing while I attended the theatre school. As I mentioned before the building was originally a pharmacy school. I have heard rumours of a "body shoot" located in the back of the building, because cadavers were used in autopsy studies.
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