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Great steak and seafood plus a few ghostly children are on the menu at the Keg's flagship restaurant in the downtown core near Sherbourne.

The imposing structure was originally the home of Lord William McMaster (founder of McMaster University) in the mid 1800s. It was later occupied by Hart Massey's family who shared their home with such dignitaries as King George IV and Queen Mary. It was the home of actor Raymond Massey and Governor General Vincent Massey, and was in the Massey family's ownership until around 1920.

The sound of phantom children running and playing are heard in the upper floors and kitchen. The apparition of a maid who hanged herself when Llilian Massey died can be seen dangling from a rope in the oval part of the main foyer.

A building that looks like this SHOULD be haunted and is. It's truly worth a visit, if only for dinner.

UPDATE: December, 2003

The following report was submitted by a reader of the site...

"I had my own little odd experience, down at the Keg Mansion.

I had been there two other times before this incidence occurred, and had always felt a presence in the house - especially in the bathroom. According to the staff there, and of course the Toronto Ghost Society, a woman named Lillian Massey was one of the people who resided there. I'm quite sure that it is her presence I become very aware of in the bathroom.

Anyway, I decided to take a friend there a few nights ago, for some drinks and dinner. I had mentioned to her the stories about the place, and how I felt a serious presence, that was also very aware of my own presence (I have always been a clairvoyant and a medium).

The whole idea creeped her out, but she did not feel things the way I did.

I took her on a mini tour of the house, and when we got to the bathroom, there was a girl there that seemed to overhear our discussion. She asked us if we were talking about "the ghost".

I responded "yes", and she then proceeded to tell us that her friend, who was at the Keg that night as well, always had problems coming into this bathroom, because she could strongly feel eyes watching her. Also, it was very clear that it was a feminine energy.

My friend and I then said goodbye to the girl and spent a few good minutes trying to look for a table in the bar/lounge area. In the process of doing so, we bumped into the girl we met in the bathroom again, sitting with her friend, and we started discussing our ghostly experiences. We didn't talk for too long because we wanted to sit down and eat.

About this time, another friend of mine met with us there and they all got seated while I went to the bathroom. I wasn't scared until I pushed open the door...

I was sure that there was another woman in the bathroom, and I glanced underneath the stalls for feet. But I was the only one there. All of a sudden a feeling of panic grew in me, because I could feel as if I were being watched. I had not felt this feeling so strongly, the last time, when coming into the bathroom alone. I made my way to one of the bathroom stalls, the one closest to the sink. My knees were shaking at this point! I could 100 % feel someone watch me as I closed the door and locked it. While I was in there, (her) presence came close to the stall door from the outside. I wanted to scream. I tried to get my mind off of it, but all of a sudden, the lock on the door, which I was sure I locked tightly, flicked open and the door slowly creaked open. It literally felt like something was watching me through the opening crack. I couldn't stay there any longer, and actually didn't end up relieving myself because it was just too freaky being watched like that. But before running out of the bathroom, I stood with my back to the stall door, completely frozen. It felt like any minute, I would catch a glimpse of her prominent presence, or hear her voice.

After running out of the bathroom, finally, I went to tell those girls what had just happened. Before I could finish my sentence, the girl we had met in the bathroom asked, "did the lock pop open while you were in there? Cause mine did. " she asked me which stall I was in. It turned out that she was in a completely different one than me.

Also, I've seen a little boy peeping at me through the staircase railing that leads to the 3rd floor."