The following accounts are of two separate, and allegedly haunted apartments in Toronto. When I asked the witness how she felt about having lived in not one, but two possibly haunted locations she replied:

"At least in my situations the spirits didn't seem to be doing anything out of anger but out of care or love. I haven't had any other experiences since I moved to my own apartment."

Hilda Ave

"In 1999, my parents lived in a building that was built either in the 50's or 60's and I moved in with them at the end of my college year. After living in the apartment for a few weeks I started noticing strong discomfort in the apartment, but not throughout the entire apartment.

This apartment was built like so many, where the bedrooms and bathrooms are in one narrow hallway, and the living room and kitchen are on the other side. For no apparent reason I was terrified of that little hallway. My bedroom was first on the right, then came my brother's room and my parents' room. On the left was the bathroom. Every time I came in to the apartment and turned left (towards the hallway) I felt goose bumps on my arms and my hairs would stand on the back of my neck.

One night I was falling trying to fall asleep in bed and I was facing the wall. My bed was a day bed (which has bars on 3 sides) and I used to sleep with two pillows. I was resting my head on the pillow closest to the bars, facing the wall, when I felt the other pillow moving. I turned around and didn't see anyone there, but I definitely saw finger markings in the pillow, as if invisible hands are "fluffing" the pillow. I turned back around laid down, and told myself I that I either imagined it or I am sleeping. About 30 seconds later, my blanket was whipped off me and onto the floor, as if someone was trying to "hog the blanket". Just like when sleeping with someone and you don't leave them enough blanket and they tug on it to steal some back. That's what happened but there was no one there. As soon as my blanket hit the floor I ran from the room to the kitchen where my parents were still awake, and there was some light on.

From that day on, I turned on every single light on my way to the bedroom or bathroom, and then went back to turn them off one by one on my way back to the room.

Another day, it was a Saturday, I was trying to sleep-in when my friend called me at 10 in the morning. For me that's early. I told her I would call her back in an hour when I'm ready for her to pick me up, and then just laid back down and closed my eyes. Not 10 seconds passed by when my blinds just opened all by themselves and sunlight poured into my bedroom and almost gave me a heart attack. I remember yelling "okay... okay... I'm up". Then I ran to the phone and told my friend to pick me up a.s.a.p.

I asked my brother and parents if anything weird happened to them and they said that they didn't feel anything. A few days later, my dad told me that he was sitting in the living room watching t.v one night when he felt someone petting his head. Then it went away, and he didn't think of it anymore, until I mentioned my story.

I tried to find out information on the building or previous owners of the apartment (it was a condo) but came out empty-handed. I'm glad I don't live there anymore.

Bathurst Street

Four years later, we moved out from the condo and into a rental apartment, also in Toronto (Forest Hill area). I had a strange feeling about it right away but I didn't say anything because my mother didn't believe me anyway. I was around 23 at the time. This apartment was built differently. When you open the door you walk straight into the living room. On the right was a small hallway with two bedrooms and a bathroom. On the left was the kitchen, and another bedroom with an en-suite bathroom (that was my room).

I used to stay up late because I was unemployed at the time and had nothing better to do, and was usually the only person awake. If my brother was awake, which he sometimes was, he was all the way on the other side of the apartment. You could clearly hear any doors closing or opening in the apartment, and we all had a habit of closing our bedroom doors at night. Many times I would be reading in bed when I would hear the fridge open and close, and the kettle go on and "pop" shut, and all sorts of noises from the kitchen. I usually assumed it was my brother getting a midnight snack, but when I would open my door and peek into the kitchen it would be dark and empty. So whenever I heard those noises I would turn up some music or something like that.

Another night I was in my bathroom (in my room) and I heard the keyboard drawer being pulled open and my computer turning on. This was an old PC that made lots of noise when you turned it on... you can't mistake that sound for anything else. Again, I assumed it was my brother because his computer wasn't working at the time and he used mine often. A few minutes later, when I came into my room, there was no one there. The computer was on, and I clearly remembering it being off when I left the room. I walked down to my brother's room to see what he wanted, and he was curled up in bed watching a movie. I asked him if he was in my room two minutes ago and he said he hasn't left his room in hours. I just plopped down on his bed and didn't leave until sunlight.

Many more weird thing happened, but these are the most vivid ones."
Our thanks to the witness for sharing her experiences with us!

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