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The following was submitted by one of our readers...

I am writing to let you know about a haunting of some sort in the area under & around the subway bridge at the Humber River.

For years I heard people saying they saw things there...balls of luminous light in the trees, animal spirits etc. A year later I got an interest in fishing.

The Fall is a great time to fish the Humber. I saw the balls of light, they followed me and my friend John through the trees (we were on the path) it took some calculated thinking and moving to figure out that what we saw was real.

We ran full out yet the ball of light stayed right in line with us and remained perfectly level, no way it could have been a flash light.

The following week, John and I decided we'd drive down there to take another look, figuring the car was a great escape vehicle. We parked, shut the engine off and after about 5 minutes the car started rocking violently from side to side. We have not made mention of it until this mailing, but, a few weeks after our experience, we heard of it happening again to a friend of a friend and his girlfriend.

I just hope that you can perhaps make people aware. Did you also know that there's a cemetery with no entrance in that area as well as a pet cemetery? John and I found them by accident.
UPDATE: The following was submitted by one of our readers...
Near the Old Mill by the Humber River, below Old Mill subway. As a teenager I liked to bike down at night and and enjoy the river and the spotlights used to illuminate the ruins of the Old Mill, which had been destroyed by fire at the beginning of this century. Twice, I have witnessed a figure near the surrounding security fence, first on the inside and once, watched it disappear into the ruins. I called out the first time I saw it, but when I actually watched the second time to see it walk through the fence, my curiosity was piqued.

I love the paranormal and couldn't believe my good fortune of having this experience. I've had other locals mention similar sightings when I asked once at a nearby parkette. Now that I'm older, I've wanted to go back but can't seem to find the time.

As our assistant director pointed out to the first reader, the area mentioned seems to give everyone the impression of something eerie going on. The space does have a long history and it would not be out of the realm of possibility that something has lingered on...

Not to mention that there is a report of a lady wandering around the Old Mill... Click Here to read this story.

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