In May 2010 one of our readers has kindly shared the following:


"My boyfriend (at the time) and I rented a house on South St, the street that goes to the cemetary. We owned a dog which loved to lick people. He would sit in one place in the kitchen and constantly lick the air until we made him stop, and soon after he would attempt to go to the kitchen again and start it again until we once again made him come to the livingroom with us.

One day just after supper, we had decided to leave our supper in the pot with the lid on, on the table, for a while and watched some t.v in the living room.We heard a loud bang and went to the kitchen where the pot had been moved with lid still on to the exact spot on the foor where the dog always sat to lick the air, at least 4 feet away. No other way into this apartment except for the front door which you would have to step into the living room from, all windows nailed shut and plastic over top to keep out the drafts.

I've always felt a presence there even when my friend rented the place previous to us. Because of the lack of space, when I stayed over I had to sleep in the kitchen but barely slept with the feeling of being watched. Since then I have talked to the son of the new owners and things are still going on even though there has been a huge renovation."


Our reader continues to share experiences....

"My boyfriend and I had pulled the mattress into the living room to watch a movie in comfort. We had fallen asleep and the powerful smell of a pipe woke me, before opening my eyes I had thought, "Well, who would possibly be smoking a pipe?"

After opening my eyes I looked around the room and saw a manly figure in dark old-looking clothing sitting in my rocking chair smoking a pipe, he disappeared right before my eyes, his form gradually subsiding.

I woke my boyfriend and told him what had happened and he not being the believing type, said,"Oh, you were just dreaming."

People that have lived here before me, reported stories to me, but I wouldn't let them tell me, after all I have to live here.

Previous tenants have told me if I had a rocking chair it would move itself to one certain spot, when I moved my rocking chair in, I made sure I put it in that same spot. My (now) ex boyfriend's sister will not ever stay here, she claims to have seen something (that I don't know about.) I hear someone come up my stairs a lot, but nobody is there.

An ex-tenant of the same building told me, he saw a apparition of a young girl sitting on the stairs crying. My cats (I have two), start running for no apparent reason and seem to freak out (could be just a cat thing). But the only time I have see them freak out before with a reason is when a family of raccoons decided to come and eat out of the cat's food bowl, and when a friend of mine walked in and used the washroom without us knowing she was there.

Another time I was laying in my bed, very upset, trying hard to sleep but not attaining it, I felt someone/something(?) hold my hand, which should have been a shocking scarey feeling, but which immediately comforted me and allowed me to relax enough to eventually fall asleep.

I think Elora is filled with places that are visited(?) by unknown spirits(?). Or is it just me?"


Our thanks go out to the witness for sharing her experiences in Elora, Ontario with us. It takes courage to do so and perhaps will help others experiencing similar things to know that they are not alone.  Author and gatherer of documents, and stories of paranormal events John Robert Columbo has said that per capita Elora and surrounding area has the most reported incidents of haunting activity in Canada. Based on our own studies, and reports received we tend to agree. It is an area rich with history, and seems to lend itself to these mysterious happenings. It is also possible that the witness herself is more sensitive to these things or perhaps has some psychic gifts.

Have you had similar experiences or know of a haunting in Elora Ontario? If so, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Your privacy will be protected, and confidentiality is assured.