Ivey's Hill House - Silver Lake, Port Dover

This was sent in by one of our more ardent readers...

There is a story about the Old Hill House. This story is not to reflect any bad intentions towards the Ivey decedents as I do not know them and I don't know all sides of the story.

The structure was built and covered with soil. Grass, over years, grew and covered the dirt, thus making it a hill with a one story house in the center.

The hill house was located on the old Ivey Flower Lot on Silver Lake in Port Dover Ontario. The Building, as of a year ago, was camouflaged into a hill. The only thing showing was Two doors... one on each end.

There also was a number of very small windows about 1' x 1 1/2'. The windows, when I visited the site, were overgrown with weeds and grass, some of the concrete of the window frame was cracked and falling into the building. The windows had no glass. The top of the hill had no vents, pipes or chimneys.

I live close to the Ivey property and visited the site on many occasions. The site always brought chills up my spine. Whether it be in bright day light, at dusk or in the night.

When Ivey's Flower business closed my sister and I used to go down to pick odd flowers that were still growing in certain areas. We always checked on the spooky house. One Saturday we decided to see if the paddle locks on the door could be budged since the bracket was old and rusted. We tried to jar the lock off but had no luck. The grass was over grown all around the door.

So my next Idea was to put my sister through the torture of looking into the somewhat buried window well. The window well above had a cement well wall of about 16 inches, therefore you honestly had to put your whole head into the well to see into the house all while laying on a hill. She stuck her head partially in and was scared half to death when she felt a cold breeze coming from within the house. There is no reason why this could occur in my opinion, since the house is a hill and only had two openings (the doors). Where would the strong draft have been coming from? The earth primarily covered the house and besides the two doors there was only windows which mostly were buried by overgrown grass and fallen concrete. She did not, to my surprise (because she's always looking for trouble,) back up out of the window yet, but continued to stare into the dark house. With her head in the window well she started yelling and then backed herself out and ran about 25 feet away from the house.

She said that as she was peering into the house, she felt as though the draft changed directions thus making her feel as though she was in a type of vacuum being pulled into the house.

She also described how when her eyes adjusted she could see the outline of a black image standing about 3 feet from the inside of the window. I have never seen her so scared. We left but we we're so interested in the house we asked our mother what the house was used for.

She told us that the Ivey's used to use it as a type of cellar to keep their flower bulbs in. But the house was much older than this so she called our grandmother who told her that the house used to stand normally unburied.

The home was owned by an elderly, woman recluse that refused to sell her property to the Ivey family years ago. The Ivey's being a big and well known family in the Port Dover area offered her money, offered her a new home... anything to acquire the property. The old women steadfastly refused to sell.

Finally, the Ivey's came to the conclusion that they would have to live with the women being situated right in the middle of their business.

Shortly after, The Ivey's cut down all the trees surrounding the house and brought in all the equipment to build the greenhouses. The noise and heat was too much for the poor women. She was so disturbed that she asked if some of the landfill could be dumped over her home acting sound barrier as well as insulation against the heat. This worked perfect for the Ivey's as they could camouflage the house so no one could see it when they visited their business.

My grandmother also stated, that the women died one winter and was not found till spring.

So with that information my sister and I stupidly decided we were going to go back to the hill house the next day. This time we were going to take our dog and send the dog in first. We also brought a crowbar to open the rusted hinge on the door. As we got there just before dusk we noticed as we walked up that the door was wide open. As we approached we saw only a small entrance way with another door that was completely open. Because of the dark, we could not see past this door. The open door was suppose to open out into the overgrown grass but instead was opened inward as if the joints were undone and put back together the opposite direction. The grass and weeds that were under the door were completely untouched and undisturbed.

The door had to be moved by something. No one would go to the trouble of taking the door off the hinges, lifting it up over the grass and avoid disturbing the plants beneath it.

It was frightening to imagine that what ever might be inside that house opened that door almost as if to invite us in. We tried to send the dog into the house but he would not go past the entrance way. (Our dog is a hunter, and is not easily scared). Once again my sister, the brave one, decided to enter.

She stood in the doorway and saw only a run down old home with it's main room and stove with a few scattered pieces of rotted furniture.

When she went to turn back, she and I both heard a hissing sound like a snake and with that sound came a small light emerging from behind a door at the far end of the room. It was like if someone had lit a candle.

My sister and I were terrified and ran home as fast as we could

We walked past the house a few more times before they tore it down-to make room for a new Lions Park, but by then kids had vandalized some on the entrance way. We also noticed dead birds (lots of them) all around the four corners of the house as well as beer bottles and burnt tea candle lights. I think some kids decided to check out the haunting for them selves. They were much more brave than I, that's for sure.

What ever was there is now probably gone, as is the hill and the house it covered. I wonder if whatever that was (maybe the old women) now haunts the site and the lake, as she no longer has a home to reside in.

I hope she finds peace where ever she is.

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