Many people are under the mistaken impression that a suicide leads to a haunting. More often than not, this does not seem to be the case. Most traditional and reported ghosts stem from an unforeseen death rather than one that is planned. Still, the possibilities are there and reports do exist such as that of the Ghost of Salter's Gully.

According to legend, a young lady drowned herself in Salter's Gully near the town of Grovesend which is close to Aylmer. The suicide was much like some of the others found here where the self-victim was broken hearted after her parents forbade her to marry the man she loved.

When the body was recovered, her parents brought it home and rested it on her old bed in their house.

According to legend, there were mysterious creaking noises in the home and her bedroom door and windows refused to remain shut opening without human intervention.

The haunting didn't last long, however, as the undertakers claimed the body and once removed, the frightening experiences ceased.

But, for a long while afterwards, a man was seen at night from time to time near Salter's Gully and his appearance would frighten horses and drivers but he too ceased his 'activity' when a certain man was laid to rest in the old Hankinson Cemetery. Was the man the girl's lover and not a spirit but a sad and lonely 'living' fellow by the gully? Maybe...

There are no recent reports of either of these two ghosts but maybe someone out there does know of something more modern. If you do, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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UPDATE Sept. 2003: A reader provided the following information and report on this site...

"If my recollection is correct, the place has been known locally for years as Hell's Gates. There have been stories of hauntings and other strange events in the woodlot and cemetery there since the 1930's, if not earlier.

There was supposed to have been a mansion there that eventually fell over the cliff due to erosion. It had large gardens, statues, fountains etc. The main gates, about a mile off the paved road were of limestone and these gates were made of wrought iron and about twelve feet high. That is where the name Hell's Gates originated.

There was a long row of trees leading to the gates and one story goes that there was a knot hole on one of them that looked like a human face. If it was smiling, nothing serious would happen after entering the gates. Frowning and you could expect something scary would happen.

I haven't been there in over ten years but have seen many frightened people leave the place, some not even getting out of their cars. In the daytime it is quiet, pleasant place that would be a good spot for a picnic."
The reader also experienced (with some friends) an apparition of man in an evening fog that does seem to match the reports from Mr. Colombo's book.

In interest, the reader also went in search of more information on the site and found that it may also be called Stalter or Stalter's Gulley[SIC] for those wishing to look into the site on their own.