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All my life, I have been interested in ghosts-however, I am a bit of a skeptic - thinking that there must be a logical explanation for certain instances - especially after hearing of the Amityville Hoax. I try not to look for things that may not be there, however I have felt as if there is something in each place where I have lived, since I have had some small unexplained occurrences. The strongest being where I currently reside:

I live in a house in Georgetown where my late uncle and his late father lived for years. My grandfather died about 27 yrs ago-my uncle died the day after my 25th birthday in 1995 due to a lengthy illness of cancer.

He mentioned to me in his sickly state in the hospital, that he would like my husband and me to have or live in the house. (I was not entirely sure what he was getting at but that was the jist of it.)

He left the house to my Father. I moved into the house in 1996 and experienced a few instances. Prior to moving, my Aunt (his sister) was also interested into moving in the house, and my Father was going to give her the first choice of moving in. (Now my Aunt never got along well with my Uncle until a year or two before he died.)

One day she was checking out one particular room on the main level, while her husband and my father were outside. She was just standing there when a piece of paper on a big filing cabinet fell down to her feet. No windows were open, and all was very still. She felt very uneasy and decided right then and there she wouldn't be moving in.

Now my Aunt didn't tell me this story until I was living in the house for a year or so.

I have a wonderful relationship with her and there is no jealousy. I did mention to her that the paper incident could have been caused by the furnace vent - the air may have come on, however it would have been spring, and the temperature would have been kept low to keep costs low, and therefore I don't know what the possibilities are of that being the cause of the moving paper.

I was always leary of moving in, excited but nervous of being alone in the house. We always had the feeling that we were not alone and being watched, especially upstairs.

Things disappear from where I swear I have set them, only to reappear later on. (Granted, it could be my lack of memory or just missing it the 1st time).

When leaving the house to go to work, just as I would get to the door I felt as though I couldn't get out of the door fast enough, like someone was right behind me.

Our living room has an old stove pipe which has been covered up so maybe this can explain the cold gusts of air that enter my living room in waves on occasion. My husband never feels it, but I do, however, the drafts are in front of me - not behind where the pipe is located.

One day when eating breakfast in my kitchen alone, the bread bag that was sitting on the kitchen counter started to rustle on its own and there were no breezes nor were any windows open.

Things tapered down for a while, if there was anything in my house, it was leaving us alone so we no longer felt on edge, or creeped out until my 1st born arrived a few months ago.

One evening, my son and I were asleep in my room, my husband downstairs watching TV. My sons baby monitor was in the cradle, the sound piece behind the bumper in the cradle by his head the cord running along the outside of the cradle down to the plug. (It was Safely away from the baby and there was no way he could get to it.)

He started to stir so I listened and got up from my bed to check on him. I looked at the monitor which was moved right beside his head and the cord was now running along the inside of his crib, I went to the end where it plugs in, to find that it had been unplugged.

I did not unplug it and it is always plugged in. I then took the baby from his cradle, got my husband, and questioned him about it. He said he never unplugged it. We then went back to bed. I remained leery, but tried to chalk it up to lack of sleep, and maybe lack of memory.

A week later, again my husband was downstairs and I had fallen asleep, I awoke to a cold room and a restless baby. I waited for the familiar cry, however my baby just tossed and turned. All of a sudden I heard three loud bangs like gunshots. We live in the country, and our neighbors across the way have several dogs which are outside at all times. Our neighborhood is fairly quiet so this seemed extremely odd as I did not hear any dogs barking which I figured I would with all the noise (they bark at anything) and all of a sudden I felt uneasy. My room seemed suddenly colder but I chalked it up to it being the winter months, and the fact that its not all that insulated. I calmed down and tried to go back to sleep. I then thought I felt someone crawl into bed beside me. I turned on the light, but there was no one there. I then went with the baby downstairs to my husband, awoke him, and asked if heard any gunshots. He did not, and I know I had been fully awake at the time.

These 2 occurrences were around the Christmas season. We have some friends who are into spiritualism a little, and did a blessing in our room-since then no more occurrences.

On occasion my husband has thought he has heard me call his name, however I have not, but he swears it. At times when my husband is out, I swear I will hear his car pull into the driveway. When I check I find the driveway empty, however, 10 minutes later he actually does.

The house doesn't frighten me, and I have never seen an apparition, but there is the odd feeling of uneasiness that does come over us.

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