This was an email sent to us by a young lady who wished to remain anonymous, and none of these stories/locations have been researched or by us, they are indeed bone chilling and interesting to read............

I would rather you not use my name or my e-mail when telling this story. there are many place's in my town that are haunted and no one will talk about them, because not everyone believes in ghost's here. I know of five out of nine place's that are honestly haunted. I know because three of these place's I have lived in and one I worked in, also because I'm not the only person who has seen and felt what has happened in these place's. And the fact that I'm still living in one place, where it's still happening. I can prove what I'm going to tell you is true and the other people who have felt and seen it will tell you this has really happened and still is happening in the place where I live now.

1. this was a hotel use to be called The Windsor Park Hotel on Queen Street in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. It's now called the Windsor park retirement home. About nine year's ago a friend of mine and her mom were working there as maid's, they got me, my sister and my mom job's there as maid's. I was told about the hotel's history my first day working there but like most people didn't, believe it at first. As part of the job we had to push large metal stands full of sheet's towels' etc .. as any maid would use to clean room's, my first day on the job I was told about the second and fourth floor of this hotel, the second floor had one large suite called the Victoria room it was being used for large meeting's, it was said that a young woman was killed in their and that her spirit never left, I was told that no matter how hard the hotel tried to rent that floor out no one would stay on it. The 4th floor was famous for a ghost everyone called Joe I was told shortly after the hotel was bulit he had stayed on the 4th floor and died from a gas leak he died in his room. I was also told you could tell when he was near by because you would be able to smell heavy cigar smoke and hear whistling whether it was on the floor or in the room or in the elevator, Once again I didn't believe it my first shift I had to clean the fourth floor, there were only four room's on that floor and not one guest in any of them. In all the time that I worked there I had cleaned the room where Joe died. I had experienced the heavy cigar smoke, the whistling and once I couldn't get the door to open even thought it was not locked and there were no other people on that floor when I finally got ready to leave for the day I was told everyone that worked there went thought the same thing I had.And that it was very rare when someone agreed to take, a room on the 4th floor.

2. There 's a place in town a museum we locals call the old stone house it's said that in the basement people have felt cold chill's and that the spirit of a young boy breaks every light bulb that has been tried to be changed, not sure if this one is really true. It' also located on Queen street.

3. this is were it starts to get personal , this is one place I grew up. It was on Victoria road on
Carpin Beach road in Sault. Ste. Marie, Ontario. There were two beaches around the house where I grew up, at the end of my street . Every once in awhile there was chunk's of wood and tree's all over the road, it's said that a monk has been seen on the road and where he stop's that's where the water level will come up to that part of the road. I remember I was only between 5-7 yrs old when we lived there, but everyone once in awhile I remember walking on the road and seeing this wood and where the water had ended even thought it had not rained for day's. Second time was when we had learned the house we lived in well living out there was built on an Indian burial ground one night my uncle claims he thought my dad was playing a joke on him. he had seen someone crawling on the floor on their hand's and knee's towards him, so he got off the couch and started crawling towards what he thought was my dad. my uncle said the next day he wouldn't tell anyone what he had seen that night all he would say was it was something that wasn't my dad. My uncle later bought a house on that same street and later he was told the house he had bought so cheaply, was because a man had killed his wife in the shed and put her body into trash bag's after cutting her up. He no longer lives there.

4.A place where I lived from age 5-6 was on Wallace terrace here in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario, we lived in the upstairs apartment, which had a long stair case on the back roof that lead to the ground and one inside the apartment that lead to the front door and one small apartment downstairs. my mother use to tell me I would tell her of people in the closet crying , later she said she had heard that a man had killed his two small children in my closet and then killed himself in their, I had lived in this place again many year's later and I moved out not to long after moving back in. This place has now been turned into four apartment all in the same house.

5. My grandmother's house was where I spent most of my childhood, she use to tell me that she had seen a ghost of a woman in grey in her basement all the time, one time when I was there the snow had just started falling and we heard footprint's in her porch so we went out to look there were no footprint's. that's when the phone rang and my grandmother had said no one was answering when she said hello, she hung up two minute's later the phone rang again this time it was a call saying my mom's friend was killed in a car accident two minute's after the first call had come in. My grandmother did have an Ouija board in the house she tried throwing it in the furnace an hour later she opened the furnace the board and pointer came flying out it wasn't even burned. five people watched her put in the furnace same five people watch ed it come out, no burns on it. The back door at my grandmother's house would sometimes open for no reason by it's self.

6. My family was renting a townhouse, on Boston avenue. My son was having horrible night's when he stayed in his room saying something in the room was trying to get him, thinking this is only because he was a small child at the time didn't give it much thought. One night I heard my dad mention he and my uncle both had seen a mist like fog going up the stair's, I was in the kitchen and thought I heard my sister call my name I went to where she was to ask what she wanted she was sleeping. One day I went up to her bedroom she had an Ouija board out she said she had been trying to contact a friend of my mom's who had passed away, and that she was talking to a female spirit on the board I don't remember the name she said it was, what I did find odd was my sister turned and said I knew you were coming here she told me , I hadn't been able to contact my sister and thought about not showing up but I showed up. My sister then said the spirit knew who I was and knew thing's I had never told anyone ever in my life, my sister had also said the spirit told her it knew my father and followed him around work my dad mentioned later that night he had felt like he was being followed at work for sometime.

7.---- First Avenue in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario, I spent most of my life growing up there a lot of different people that would come there would experience different thing's and hear thing's. I've heard it was built during the war, that's all the history I know of the place. Living there was a nightmare, light switch in the basement would constantly turn on and off, when you went into the basement there was always a cold chill. The bathroom door always sounded like someone was trying to get in especially when you were alone in the house. As soon as my parent's walked in the house they would start fighting for no reason at all, the closet door in my room would always open by it's self, people have told my parent's they'd hear music and people laughing when they came to the house when no one was home. the house was always cold in the basement and all the bedroom's. The night my child was born I had seen a very large dark figure standing in the corner of my bedroom after ten minute's I looked again it was gone I almost lost my child that night because I hemorrhaged well still being pregnant, my dad claims he's heard us call him and when he comes to check on us we're sleeping. I heard that another family moved in and had the same problem's didn't stay long. the house has been put up for sale a few time's. This place has been fixed up a bit since I last time I lived there. my sister has expressed interest in seeing the place again to see if or what it was is still there. Other people have said they heard voice's in the house.

8. -- Wawanosh avenue is another place where I lived , I lived in both the upstairs and downstairs apartments. I noticed when I moved upstairs no one was living in the downstairs, that when I turned off all the light's downstairs and locked the door, a few hour's later the light's were on downstairs. my cousin would say she heard people talking and music, when we went to check out the door was locked no one was in there.

9. I'm not listing the address for this place because I still live here. I've had a lot of company and very few people will stay here for long or spend the night anymore. people have told me the hear voice's, footstep' the one apartment, second apartment a figure of a man has been seen walking to the kitchen sink then disappearing. my cousin had stayed over one night she was sleeping one on my couch and said she felt someone touching her all night we were the only two home. in my bedroom you can hear someone sitting on the bed it creaks when you sit on it even thought no one is in the room, people say when they use the bathroom or take a shower they feel like someone watching them. One day after showering I smell a heavy smell of roses we have no rose bushes near us it was a heavy scent of rose's and baby powder.

This is the original text that was sent through the email except for two addresses which have been left out to protect people who may be living there now. #2, The Old Stone House is a place that I have driven past many of times, and being a history buff have always wanted to learn more about the house and there was always something about it when I drove by that made me feel there was more than just history to that house. So if anyone has more details on this location and possible haunting's please let us know. E-mail our local researcher Lisa Dinel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  This could be a possible future investigation for us....