We received the following report from a witness...

For most of my life, I have experienced different things that could be considered 'paranormal' in many different homes.

Most recently, they have occurred in the home I am living in now over the last year and a half in Peterborough Ontario with my cousin.

She and I have lived together for 14 years, and many of the experiences I have witnessed have actually happened to both of us - so either we are both delusional, or they have been very strong/obvious occurrences.

In the house we live in now, both of us have witnessed things happening, some at the same time, and some separately.

One particular evening, I was downstairs in the laundry room, facing the wall, looking up towards the ceiling. My cousin & I were talking, and she was at the other end of the room facing towards me.

About six inches from the wall or so, I had seen a glowing ball. I am not a huge supporter of the thought of 'orbs', but I don't know how else to describe it.

It was a small circle of light, a few inches round, I'd say. It wasn't blinding bright, but it looked as though that small area of the room was illuminated by a much brighter light bulb, or something. As I turned my head, I could see this light lengthening - it seemed like it was growing, as I was moving/turning around.

I would have dismissed it as a figment of my imagination had my cousin not commented on seeing this, also. To her, it was a bit different, as she was standing at a different angle. I let her explain what she had seen before I did.

Apparently, from what she could see, it seemed to grow as I was moving, into a line that sort of zig zagged around. She had seen it disappear when it reached the back of my head.

On many occasions, I have felt like I have not been alone. The worst feelings seem to be (for both of us) when we are in the basement. It is a finished basement that is currently being used as a daycare.

I have often seen what appears to be a cat (but it could be another small animal), dark in colour, that disappears when I try and get a good look at it. I have even felt this image across my leg - I know 100% certain that it is not one of my own cats.

On another occasion, as I was getting ready for work one morning at approximately 5am, I had went down into the basement to get some laundry, find the cat, etc., and I had heard a VERY clear, distinctive female voice that said 'What are you...', and trailed off, seemingly in mid-question.

I have also seen on at least two occasions that I can clearly recall, images of what looks to be my cousin when she is not there. It's always the same type of appearance - she looks fuzzy or wavy, wearing her hair up, and is smiling at me, but strangely.

Usually, it's when I blink, or turn my head to get a better look that the image goes away.

We have both also experienced strange temperature differences in the home, and have once witnessed our fax machine/telephone ring a strange tone when the phone line was unplugged approximately 8 - 10 rings.

My cousin has told me she has experienced the sound of someone playing with the daycare toys in the basement while no one was down there, and I was not home. Another time recently, she believed to have seen me standing downstairs when she was in the laundry area. She looked up from bending down to get some clothing, and seen someone standing there, and assumed it was me, which it wasn't. She didn't see any facial features or anything, more like she could just tell someone was there, and I was the only other person around. She looked up twice and seen this figure - the third time, it wasn't there.

Finally, the most disturbing thing happened at about 5:10am on a Tuesday morning, when I was standing outside waiting for a taxi on our front porch by the door. I know this is going to sound stereotypical, but I'll describe it best by saying I could hear the soft sound of moaning from behind the door. I tried looking through the shears on the door to see if there was a cat. Nothing. Then I assumed it was just my imagination, but the moaning sound continued. It sounded like someone had very bad stomach pains, and sometimes like it could be a crying type of moan. Seemingly, the more aware I became of the noise, the louder it became. First it sounded like it was behind the door, then maybe the kitchen suddenly (the kitchen wall is the outside of the house, not too far behind the front porch), then back to behind the door again. I was very disturbed by the sound, so I picked up my bag, and went down the driveway to wait by the street for the cab. I could still hear the noise at this point, but very faintly.

I have went to three different people who I would consider to be 'gifted' in the sense that they can pick up on paranormal activity to hopefully get some sort of explanation of what is going on. All three people have given me a very similar name of a person they see associated with the home, that I have no knowledge of. Two of the people associated children to the disturbances.

Thank you so much for your time; I hope that maybe it may be some help/interest to your colleague focusing on strange occurrences in the Peterborough area.
Our thanks to the witness for sharing this report with us.

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