Private Residence, Apartment Building - Scarborough

The following report comes from a 16-storey apartment building in Scarborough. No other details, nor an exact location will be given for privacy purposes. No historical record lends itself to the identification or appearance of this small apparition and the witnesses no longer live in the apartment.

The dwelling was resided in by a couple and their son. The primary witness is the husband, but the apparition was also encountered on several occasions by the wife.

The apparition is described as a small boy, somewhere between the ages of 6 & 8, with unruly medium length hair. His features are Caucasian, but his skin-tone is a shade of blue. Aside from the strange appearance of his skin the boy is described as alert and merry with a mischievous smile, playing hide-and seek games, not really much different than an actual child, other then he would vanish before the eyes of the witnesses!

Another interesting feature of this child-like ghost is that the witnesses describe him as being bathed in a "fluorescent turquoise" light. This light may, in part, be the reason that the skin looks blue.

The first few sightings by the primary witness were of a blue blur caught out of the corner of his eye. Lasting only a few seconds, he initially put these off to fatigue, a temporary hallucination, and lastly to car headlights. However, on his fifth sighting he encountered the full apparition as described above. There he was standing in front of the witness and then turned and "ran away." By running away the witness describes the ghost as "growing smaller and smaller, like a figure receding into the horizon until he was gone." The actual apartment is too small for this to occur. The witness goes on to say, " his actions were confined to the same spot where he had been standing. It reminded me of a television set being turned off."

The primary witness states he saw the little blue-boy ghost three more times over the next six months. Those encounters were identical to his fifth sighting with the exception that once he crouched down attempting to be on the same level as the ghost. He was not scared by these experiences, more of a relief to finally get a "clear picture" of what had been "disturbing" him.

One evening while the primary witness was in the bathroom he overheard his wife in a admonishing voice say, "what are you doing here?" He then heard a sharp intake of breath. He knew she wasn't speaking to their son as he could clearly see his boy's bedroom from his location, and knew that he had been asleep for over an hour. Instinctively he knew what it was that she must have seen.

At first when he pressed her she refused to speak about it, but then after sharing his own encounters his wife opened up about her own. In fact that had been her fourth and final sighting of the apparition.

The couple discussed what the haunting could mean, who "he" might of been, or what they should do about his appearances, but soon after circumstances led them to moved out.

As these happenings were never discussed with other tenants, and we have no further reports, we have no way of determining if this haunting has continued or if it was confined to the single unit. Despite this there are many interesting aspects to this report particularly the light surrounding the vision of this boy, and the ghost's manner of departure!

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