Easily one of Toronto's most attractive buildings, since 1829 this imposing building has seen many of Ontario's lawyers and judges wander through its halls. The headquarters of the Law Society of Upper Canada and the seat of the Supreme Court of Ontario, it is rumoured to be haunted by two distinct presences.

One is a group of people who's voices can be heard chattering away in the wee hours in a chamber that is normally left open, but when the voices are heard, the doors shut, seemingly on their own accord. When the doors are opened, the conversation stops and the room is found empty. There are also claims of the apparition of a woman which is seen walking the halls.

There isn't much else I've been able to find about this spot so feel free to let me know anything you might have heard.


Update - January 2007

The following experience was sent to us via one of our readers:

A  few years ago, I visited Osgoode Hall in the late afternoon to use their library in order to search for a patent. However, I did not find what I was looking for so instead I wandered around the place and almost got lost. When I returned back to the library, the lights were turned off and it was dark and all I could see was only the distant door on the other (south) side of the library that was lit by the hallway light. I was at the north door of the library and I had to cross the library to get to the south door in order to find my way out by the way that I came into the building. Thus, I had to cross the dark library. While being somewhere in the middle of the library, I remember hearing footsteps coming towards me from the windows on my right (west side). I looked and it felt like there was someone there looking at me. I thought that I saw someone in the dark there. When I called out "hello" the footsteps suddenly stopped and the person seemed to have disappeared into thin air. I quickly ran to exit the library.

Our thanks to the witness for sharing this experience with us.

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Update April 2012

Very recently I was working on the third floor of Osgoode Hall after regular business hours. This area is where the Judge's Chambers / offices are. As part of this minor renovation I had to access the attic area. The attic area is  finished with a plywood floor, very minimal lighting, sprinkler system and up to a thirty foot high peaked rafters. The post and beam construction (similar to that of a typical barn) was exposed and accessible. As part of my work I had to survey the area and I took this opportunity to do some site seeing, so to speak up there. I walked freely throughout that part of the attic and took in a view from one of the round windows facing the street buildings. I opened various doors to rooms that housed the elevator machine room(s) and various storage spaces. Crawl spaces existed below some parts of the raised floor areas with steps taking you up and down from one side to another...etc. I did not feel threatened, intimidated or scared by the quiet, dimly lit space. Some areas had no light at all, but for work I always carry a mini flashlight with me. I used that flashlight to peer into many areas that did not have sufficient light, mostly because I really enjoy observing the building methods of these old beautiful buildings, their architecture and building materials. After my initial self tour of the attic space I settled into actually doing the job I was hired for. I spent some 3 hours working by myself up there alone with the occasional trek down to the 3rd floor and sometimes back down to the P1 parking level to access my work truck for materials. The night was quiet and uneventful. no noises, wind or otherwise, just the hum of air handling equipment. At approximately 9:30 PM I phoned home from my cell in the attic to say I am just finishing up and will be home shortly. I was kneeling down to finalize the last part of my installation when I sensed all the hair on my body standing up. I did not feel a presence at this time, however, the hair standing up on my body made me aware of something. within seconds I had the sense I was being watched now. I began to look over my shoulder constantly but no one was there. 20-30 seconds after my initial "hair raising" event a very short wind winding sound was audible from one specific area of the very high sloped roof, it was the first of the was also the last as I quickly packed up my stuff and met the Commissionaire (security guard) on the level below. I made another 2 quick trips up to the attic to retrieve my tools and went home for the night.

What ever presence I felt that night did scare me. It did not made me fear for whatever may happen but it did make me feel unwanted. The next day I did have to return to finish my job, I started in the morning and spent about 30 minutes up there by myself, but there was absolutely no presence there in the morning. I felt calm and un-threatened. I spoke to a long time employee of this building that morning. I asked point blank, and yes in front of others, how many people have reported ghosts in this building....the response-a number of people. These ghosts may be present in this building for many years. The sightings are attributed, apparently, to public hangings that were held in the court yard many years ago, however, I have not confirmed this.

I must return again in the coming weeks for yet another phase of this project, if there is yet another event I will report it.

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