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A family member worked at the Village by the Grange in the mid 1970's as a night watchman.

They had told me, about 10 years ago, some stories about the main floor. They used to work with some people they weren't too fond of who said used to see a ghost from time to time, in the early morning hours, 1:00 - 4:00 am.

My family member always thought this was ridiculous until he saw the ghost for themself.

Even the first few times they saw the ghost, whom they said resembled an average 'downtown wino', they initially thought it was one of the other workers messing around with them, sort of a hazing thing.

This family member said they saw the ghost about half a dozen times and always thought the same thing. It wasn't until one night when the other people they worked with weren't working, when my family member saw the ghost again.

I mentioned how this person did not like their co-workers (who dressed kind of like "hippies" from the 1960's or 1970's,) so when they saw the ghost, they thought it was the chance to be rid of these ill-dressed pranksters, and said they ran as fast as he could to catch the joker, and hold him and let the boss deal with him.

However, he lost sight of the ghost for a split second, and you guessed it, the apparition vanished into thin air, the way a "normal" man could not.

This family member always referred to this place as the Village by the Strange, and that is why.

They said all the watchmen, at least the ones who didn't sleep through their shifts, saw the ghost at least a few times.

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