This does sort of qualify as a theatre....

The old CBC Building on Sumach St., now slated for redevelopment after the broadcaster moved to its new digs on Front St., boasts an elevator-riding apparition. On the fourth floor, a tall figure that moves as if carrying a large load (or who at least appears terribly uncoordinated) has been seen getting on the elevator if it stops on that floor.

UPDATE The following was sent in by one of our readers...

My experience at 90 Sumach St, was on the forth floor,and near the stairwell, That area was always cold, and as you went up and down the stairway, you could feel the temperature getting colder as you reached the fourth floor and it getting warmer as you walked away from the fourth floor.

I knew one of the Commissioners that worked there and heard the stories. One night he set up a voice activated tape recorder to record what he thought was voices. I check on him around 1AM and that's when he told me he was going to put the recorder on after I left. No one was in the building except him after I left, and until I returned at 5AM. I asked if he recorded anything and he told me that he had something one the tape, and would not let anyone hear it until he was able to identify what it was.

Quick Update:
One of our readers wrote in to say that the building is is no longer "slated" for redevelopment - it's been occupied for 2 years as of December 2000.

UPDATE August 2002

The following was sent in by one of our readers and is a recounting of a story told to them by a friend living in the building in question...
One night my friend was fast asleep, when they felt a presence around the bed. The individual woke up very quickly and saw a man at the foot of the bed.

This individual could distinctly see overalls, a buzz haircut and angular jaw quite clearly as well as a very distinctive nose.

Now my friend stated that they told the presence to walk into the light because he has unfinished work on the other side.

The funny side of this incident is the expression on the ghosts face. None of the typical scary stuff like green glowing eyes and such, but more of surprise at being seen and noticed, more like a child being caught in the act of mischief.

My friend was acting on the advice of a psychic [when they told the 'ghost' to go into the light]... that the spirit has to be encouraged to cross over, that there is nothing more for them here.

My friend consulted a psychic months before the above incident because a feeling of being watched, strange sounds(metallic sounds) and the like. Other tenants also confessed that they were also having strange goings on in their respective areas as well.

Ever since the incident, occupants of the building have not been bothered at all. It seems that the ghost was given the permission he sought and took my friends advice.

Is this the possible end of the old CBC building's ghost? Time will tell.

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