One of our readers writes:

I would like to begin by saying I'm not crazy or mentally disturbed.  The following story is an accurate account of sightings of ghosts and paranormal activity that my family and I have experienced during the 1980s living at XXX Taysham Cres. in Etobicoke.

We moved in the summer.  It was a 3 bedroom bungalow with 1 bathroom a kitchen and living/dining room.

From the very moment we entered the house, my siblings and I already felt a strange sensation as though we were being watched.  We felt an eerie feeling.  My bedroom was at the back of the house with a sliding door that connected to the back yard deck.  From the moment I entered the room I knew something was not right.  I am NOT psychic, am not a medium; however my siblings and I have an ability to sense when a death, suicide murder has happened in a room/house/restaurant, etc.  I can't explain it but we can sense.

The first week nothing happened, but thereafter is when all of the following strange events occurred.

One evening I heard an extremely loud noise as though something had fallen in the bath tub.  I noticed the light had turned on.  I thought a family member was in the washroom.  I woke up to check and there was nobody there.  Nothing was in the bath tub, everything was in place.  My family was sound asleep. I can't explain this.

There was another incident.  My siblings and I were at home one Saturday afternoon.  My parents were outside.  We had been playing in the hallway which was attached to the kitchen. All of a sudden we all saw a black man standing by the stove as though he were cooking something as he was holding the handle of the pan.  We knew it was a ghost because of the translucency in the figure.  He was wearing a plaid shirt.  My sister and I picked up a shoe and threw it at the apparition. It disappeared.

Another incident occurred with my parents (which we were only informed about a couple of years ago...they did not want to scare us).  One evening, my mother woke up in the middle of the night because she thought we were having an earthquake.  The bed was shaking, she heard plates crashing.  When it had subsided, she got up, went into the kitchen but nothing was broken.  My neighbours were out on their porch as they normally would be during the summer months.  My mother went outside and asked them if we just had a earthquake.  They looked at her as though she was crazy.  They said "no, we did not have an earthquake."

My sister was in her bedroom one night getting ready to go to bed.  She was standing in front of her closet bent over searching for something in the closet.  She felt someone pulling her hair.  She turned and there was no one there.  She thought I was playing a joke on her.  She went into my room and say a little girl wearing a pretty dress standing on my bed.  My sister screamed and came running into the kitchen half naked.  She was terrified.

One evening I was sleeping and felt a tap on my shoulder. When I awoke I saw a man standing by the side of my bed, wearing a black suite as though from the 1900's with a black top hat smiling at me.  I was completely terrified.  Thereafter, almost on a regular basis for about a year, I continuously felt tapping on my shoulder, but would dig my head into my pillow while being completely terrified.

My father constantly would be woken in the middle of the night by someone pulling on his feet.  This was an ongoing event (again, we only found this out a few years ago).  While we were living in the house, my parents constantly denied that anything was happing.There are countless other events that occurred in that house that first year...always with the little girl and the man with the top hat.  We did not see the man in the kitchen after the first encounter.

The interesting thing is that we lived in that house for 2 years.  The very first year is when we felt all of the activity.  My family and I stopped talking about it, and my siblings and I would just ignore everything.  All of the weird noises, hair pulling, tapping, apparitions.  The second year we lived without incidence.

Years later, my brother in law had an associate that asked him "do you believe in ghosts".  His associate began describing incidents he was experiencing in his home.  He expressed to my brother in law that he's seen a little girl and a man.  He had not seen the black man.  The stories sounded all too familiar to my brother in law.  He asked his associate "where do you live".  His associate was living at our old house on Taysham Cres!

I've tried to find anything I could over the internet about this house.  I was told I had to go to city hall in the archives dept. but I wouldn't know where to start.  I feel a need to find out what happened in that house.  Was there a fire?  How did the little girl die?  Are they stuck there????

This is my story.

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