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 From July18th, 2018:

Dear Visitors to Torontoghosts/Ontarioghosts...

Regular visitors may have noticed a genuine "slow-down" of things here at Torontoghosts... and I apologise for that.  This is because I (the director) have been super-busy on new projects... mostly historical work and volunteering... and this extra work is not slowing down any time soon.  (I expect - to be honest - potentially years.)

This does not mean I'm "folding up the tent" and closing the site... far from it... I'm pleased to continue to renew the domain and keep the servers going indefinitely... and will be "returning" to my first love here once the new project(s) are settled... which is a long process and not slowing down.

We will be going back to the original focus of the group... the history, folklore, and first-hand accounts of ghosts and hauntings... as well as dissecting the physics and nature of these experiences.

I remind all readers, we were never a "psychic" group, didn't offer "psychical assistance", and did not clear homes or offer "communications" or the like with ghosts... we merely catalogued and discussed the phenomena in terms of its relation to folklore and history... so I do apologise for those that continue to write in for help... it's not something we ever truly offered...

(...oh, and we never really did ghost tours either, so as much as I appreciated people trying to "book tours", that too was not something we got up to.)

(...and media interviews and such.  Never cared for 'em personally... and Torontoghosts/Ontarioghosts will not be available for them in the near future... sorry...)

The site will remain as a resource... and we welcome readers and researchers... but in terms of active work on things, that may be a while (long while) off in the future.

Thank you for stopping by... and we/I will see you in the future...

- Matthew Didier


#1: WELCOME to our new more mobile friendly layout. This is a very new change to Toronto/Ontarioghosts and we are certain we will have some bugs to iron out. Please be patient with us during this transition and if you find any glaring problems you think we may miss, feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and PLEASE include the name of the article/page you were accessing or were using to access information here and the URL along with a description of the problem. Thank you!

#2: We are moving back to what made this a great website in the beginning... and that is a strong focus on history and folklore ahead of anything else. Keeping in mind that we have never offered psychical assistance or help, and have not and do not do investigations or "hunts" on demand... or offered them to others... it is something we did/do address on this site for those interested in these pursuits and did try our hand at some of them. The information will still be posted here and available for reference, but it will no longer be a large part of this site or our work.

#3: Sadly, we will be removing any or all "memberships" or requests for volunteers, again, to gear focus to our main strengths.  We get several requests per month by those eager to hunt ghosts or otherwise look into paranormal places or situations "with us" and as we're moving away from that to focus on our core strength, we want to be honest with people about our work... and we do hope they'll either find someone to work with or consider working independently and sharing their work with everyone as they can online.

This said, we will be pleased to be potentially considered a good resource for those interested in the more "hands on" and investigative ideas of these subjects with our existing documents and articles, but we - ourselves - will be looking back towards our roots as historians and documentarians more than anything else.

We thank you for your visit... and do check in when you can!


This site and group focus on the history, folklore, legends, first-hand accounts, and general study of reported events and experiences considered to be related to ghosts and hauntings.

O/TGHRS is a proud member of the PSICAN groups and websites and is the oldest established online site and group devoted to looking into ghosts and related experiences in Canada.  As part of the PSICAN groups, Torontoghosts/Ontarioghosts do abide by and follow PSICAN's Rules of Governance.

To assist you with navigating this site and group, the most often visited and requested information are linked below...

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If the above does not help you, you will find a "Search" function to the left of this window which you can type your request and hopefully something will come up, or you can navigate through the links on the left above the search, or feel free to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for assistance.